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for The Problems Posed by Caviar

9/16/2019 c1 14Don'ttellmybrotherIwrotethis
That ending is beautiful.
5/4/2018 c1 Guest
This made me so happy! Thanks for writing this!
1/31/2017 c1 Guest
3/28/2016 c1 4This Polar Noise
Oh god, this is brilliant. Artemis and Vetinari are weirdly alike and I never even thought about that before. Plus him with the Watch would drive Vimes to distraction. Love it.
11/23/2015 c1 6YaelaTheWordsmith

I haven't laughed this hard in AGES!
Manslaughter of the ducks?!
Oh Lord. Nobby flirting with Fowl? I would pay to see that!
And the-hahahaa!- thhahahaaaa! - the - the cahahahahahaa! - the CAVIAR! Hahahahahhahhaaaahaaa!
Ohhhh . . . my stomach hurts . . .
INTJ, huh? Cool. You, sir (or ma'am-you didn't mention) are quite frankly a brilliant writer. You've got the characters down pat (though Vimes did start to remind me a bit of Root). Your characterization and storyline are faultless, and I look forward to more!
6/14/2015 c1 Zarbapha
Not enough dicworld. NEVER ENOUGH DISCWORLD.
5/11/2015 c1 17bissek
Now the fun part is when someone tries to compare the trolls, dwarves, elves, goblins and pixies of Roundworld to those of Discworld. I doubt either group would care to be associated with the other.
3/6/2015 c1 2AudreyyyRoseeee
i laughed so hard i nearly peed! that was so great Assssahhh
3/1/2015 c1 Madlenita
I love this story! Thank you... Artemis and Discworld, my favorite combination...

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