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for Eyes in Seed

10/20 c16 iHeartMecha
I wish you would find the inspiration to continue this.
9/28 c16 Guest
What a fantastic read! Pity I'll never see what happens next
8/10 c16 Guest
*poke* *poke* *poke*...u alive bro?
7/29 c16 Guest
Starting to lose hope that this fic will ever be continued.
6/24 c16 Guest
6/14 c16 cassnova5424
T_T really hope this gets continued someday, awesome stuff
6/14 c10 cassnova5424
kampfer is my fav og zeon suit, even neo zeon wise it only loses to the sazabi and sinanju...ok kyshantria too.
6/14 c6 cassnova5424
Gonna need some sauce on that tan cagali hentai...
5/27 c16 iSee21
5/14 c16 sold.klad
you should update!
4/29 c16 alexamir1988
It's ok my friend take your time. This is an amazing story, actually it's the gundam crossover that I've enjoyed the most so far. It's just felt natural, the characters, the action, everything unlike other gundam crossovers. Please if you can just don't abandon this story it would truly be a shame
3/16 c1 Guest
One last thing. Gundam knight chris is trash!
3/16 c16 Guest
Its ok my king Nemesis Astraea!. We will wait until the end, all hail! Nemesis Astraea, the king of fanfiction!, all hail the king Nemesis Astraea!, the king of isekai!,
3/15 c16 4Nemesis Astraea
Ok so, the author here. Hope people see this when looking into the reviews. So last year and this one haven't been great. Don't need to explain why. And it was made even worse when my measly little tablet I wrote my stories on took a dive. And with it any and all updates and future stories I had planned. I hope to get a new one soon and look into having my old one salvaged. It's just been... Rough. Personal reasons and such. I hope you can all forgive me on this long hiatus. There isn't a day that's gone by that this story isn't on my mind and I'm constantly thinking through the plot. I hope to have a proper update soon so please just bear with me. Thank you all for continued support.
3/11 c16 LateToTheParty
Why do I always find such great stories when they are long dead!?
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