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4/22/2015 c1 Strife666
very interesting...
4/16/2015 c3 3kamikage86
I'm really liking this story, keep it going.
4/14/2015 c3 45Gundam-Knight-Chris
Oi, is it alright if I can put in a custom mobile suit from one of my stories as well? I like your story so far and I thought it'd be alright if I put in two of my own.
4/14/2015 c3 RoyalTwinFangs
Not bad. Will he upgrade later on? Into something like the Reborn?
4/14/2015 c3 Krysvun
More! I want some modifications on that MS!
4/14/2015 c3 17readerofgoodfanfiction
In the seventies they call it 'groovy' in getting Le Crueset rattled up like that not even in the OT you would see him rattled. Now someone knows his secret then this could eat his psyche in thinking as to how Adam knew his secret and Adam being called a spy is a good cover and will keep everyone guessing.

A nice save in keeping Halburton alive, he's probably one of a small few competent leaders, the rest like Sutherland is areal jerk. By the looks of it he's convinced of Eyes Gundam story with a combat performance backing it up.

Saving Flay is a good part and asking if she could enlist without the revenge crap is a good sign of she is starting to be her own person and Sai is gonna have a tough time with her and she's not gonna be happy when she finds out that the rest of their friends stayed behind.

Still, Flay may have a rough time ahead if she find out that her father is a Blue Cosmos member

Now Adam being a bit overly friendly with the crew is creeping them out a bit which is amusing with that easy go lucky attitude is keeping them up in toes like Adam Eyes Gundam giving a thumbs up and Murrue wanting to see him burn was hilarious when she saw that

Now who do you suppse was inside that Ginn Adam save?
4/14/2015 c2 6DragonBlade00
Also, what weapon was that? When Adam destoryed those 3 ships, 3 mobile suits and 7 mobile armor in chapter 3. Will he face charges of killing allies (at the time) along with his foes'?
4/14/2015 c3 DragonBlade00
Yes, here comes some changes. Now all we need to do is see the results. People saved, a possible OC love interest, new possible mobile suits being made from that data, and finally the big powder keg Adam is making from his lies.

Also, just nick picking, you got words missing letters or with to many in the story. Also, a few other things here and there but nothing too major other than mentioning the papers earlier only to have Adam forget until he saw them.
4/14/2015 c3 3Reishin Amara
Ah wow,i didn't realize u were using the ACTUAL Gundam Build Fighters...I thought it was an AU universe or something...?I will say I enjoyed this chapter btw. Im glad you and the other writer of this crossover type are going different routes with things.

Ok then,heres a list of mechas I thought may just make u giddy...Sorry about having to space the links,FF is just annoying blocking addresses otherwise...Supposedly you just space certain parts of the link but ive never figured out which.

1. Fate/Stay Night Lancer Gunda : / / . / / 1 d / 7 f / . j p g ? 2. Fate/Stay Night Saber Gundam (00 Style)
: / / . / / d 6 / f f / . j p g ? 3. Fate/Stay Night Saber Gundam (Wing Style)
: / / / / 1 e / a 7 / 4 . j p g ? -G Gundam's Devil Gundam and Gundam 00's Reborns Gunda : / / . p h p ? & & Gundam with Full Armor ZZ, GP03S, AND EX-S. Not sure this counts...but indeed.
: / / . p h p ? & & Musha Gunda : / / . p h p ? & & do I call this besides Death by Pink?
: / / . p h p ? & & ...is kinda on Gundam Raphael somewhat.
: / / . p h p ? & & 9. Oh My Shiznit...Seeing Talgeese,Epyon,and Heavy Arms with a hint of .
: / / . p h p ? & & assume that large saber functions as a beam saber like Impulse Gundams sword.
: / / . p h p ? & & Aegis...nuff said.
: / / . p h p ? & & yet great...Tallgeese and Wing Gundam Zer : / / . p h p ? & & ...no...god no...Everyone hide,it wont do any good!LOL Nanoha Gundam and Fate Gunda : / / . p h p ? & & Final One, I call this Pestilence Gundam since I cant find its real name.
: / / I m g - . c d n . / : / / i 5 1 . / / / / . j p g

This last one isn't even a suggestion,i just found it and thought OH SHI-

: / / 2. . u s / / / . j p g

Anyway,give me your opinion on each on by number if u can, and feel free to use any of them in other fanfics u may felt theyd be that was long.
4/4/2015 c2 Reishin Amara
Love this...but personally...I would've used the existing GN-9999 Transient..that thing is BAMF.
3/20/2015 c2 6shadowof023
this is good work. i like how your taking into account your characters knowledge of the series and it's events so as to try an force certain character interactions, while also using it as a cover for various interactions. it certainly is turning out to be an amazing story. i just hope my variation of it turns out just as well.
3/18/2015 c1 6DragonBlade00
Seem interesting and you seem to know the butterfly effect pretty well here. Most crossover try to stick close to the cannon or somewhat close to the cannon then fail a bit in changing it. You here have changed it but know that any change will cause an effect.
3/15/2015 c2 17readerofgoodfanfiction
Okay, this kinda fun to read and if I remember correctly, the Archangel will have one more battle with the stolen prototypes and the battle of the 8th fleet later on and that scene there I can see is a game changer. Admiral Halburton
3/7/2015 c1 6shadowof023
that...ya know not sure what to say. im jealous i never thought of such an idea with all my ideas of seed/build fighters cross talk...or the fact i so badly wanna ask permission to mimic such an idea for my own cross though not involving an OC...or in my only downside to this story . a reborns gundam...but to each their own. my EX-caliber eternal is a GN machine after all but it's based on the exia line of machines and takes a bit from each one, including the exia amazing.

speaking of your gundam you should probably give a loadout, i may have missed it, but a loadout for your machine so people know just what they are supposed to be looking at. the bazooka through me for a loop as i don't recall the reborns having one or reading of a loadout.

anyways great idea, im jealous, and you are a genius.
3/5/2015 c1 2northernlion196
This is why we cant have nice things in build fighters!
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