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11/16/2019 c16 Kamen Rider Shinobi
Its ok i will wait
11/16/2019 c1 Kamen Rider Shinobi
10/4/2019 c15 Fauna Hack
mesa .it started to getting annoyed everytime i see this woman again
10/2/2019 c16 Guest
Hey you fucker finish what you Fucking started you trash
9/26/2019 c16 5hydra man.EXE
Your story really pulls a reader out of his seat and into an unknown realm.

This is a good thing.

By and by, you ever going to update your other Build Fighters story?
9/20/2019 c16 Thanos Gundam
It's been awhile since this AN. Any chance of a new chapter soon?
6/29/2019 c16 Dreadknight12
I really like the story so far, I know Adam is going to pull through otherwise the story wouldn't continue, I can also see Adam and Mesa getting together I mean I've seen that type of relation ship before where the girl hates the guy at first, while the guy enjoys messing with her but I can definitely see the two getting together.

though I get the feeling that Kirkman will be a major thorn in the side of Mesa.

anyhow I look forward to reading more of the story, so later, oh yeah if your still considering Gundams from other authors, for the stories sequel here is mine, and its pilot, I have another one but still a work in progress.

XIS-Ω01S Tartarus Gundam.

The Tartarus Gundam is heavily based off of the Strike Freedom Gundam: with the Torso, and Head being that of the Strike Freedom Gundam, with the Dark Matter Exia’s face plate. The Tartarus also has a pair of Dragoon wings which are connected to a GN Particle Reactor similar to that of the Dark Matter Exia’s. The Tartarus also sports knee armor to strengthen the structure of each leg and support its weight, the Tartarus also has a pair of MMI-M15E XIPHIAS 3 Rail Cannons mounted on its hips, with the Prominence, and Brinicle blades mounted on the sides of said rail Cannons with their handles pointing upwards. In the stomach area of the Tartarus is its MGX-2235 “CALIDUS” Multi-phase Beam Cannon.

Color Scheme.
Since the Tartarus is based off the Strike Freedom the blue of the Gundam is red while the white parts have been changed to black, with the Dragoons of its wings being red, and the joints being silver, with it eyes beings a Burgundy color, and has a face plate similar to the Dark Matter Exia’s.

MMI-GAU1717 12.5mm CIWS.
The Tartarus has four 12.5mm CIWS guns mounted in its head to intercept incoming missiles and for suppressive fire.

MA-M21KF Beam rifles.
The Tartarus has a pair of MA-M21KF Beam rifles, which it can fuse together to form a sniper like beam rifle, which like their regular forms fires an orange laser.

MA-MO2G “Super Lacarta” Beam Sabers.
Mounted in each of the Tartaros’s shoulder binders, is one of its MA-MO2G “Super Lacarta” Beam Sabers, once out of their holders they can merge together to create its dual sided beam saber.

MGX-2235 “CALIDUS” Multi-phase Beam Cannon.
Mounted within the Tartarus’s stomach region of the torso is the MGX-2235 “CALIDUS” Multi-phase Beam Cannon.

MMI-M15E XIPHIAS 3 Rail Cannons.
Mounted on the hips of the Tartarus are the MMI-M15E XIPHIAS 3 Rail Cannons, which act like thrusters for stability purposes, and all-range weapons for taking out anything in its line of fire, they also act like holsters.

MX2200 Beam Shields.
Mounted in the forearms of the Tartarus are the MX2200 Beam Shields, which it uses as a means to block both beam weapons, and physical weapons alike.

Brinicle Blade.
Mounted on the Tartarus’s left MMI-M15E XIPHIAS Rail Cannon, is one of the Tartaros’s main melee weapons the Brinicle Blade. The Brinicle Blade has the appearance of a black hilted silver blade broadsword with icy blue markings, on the sides of the blade, it also has the ability to emit cryogenic mist which can cause snowflakes to fall off the blade.

Prominence Blade.
Mounted on the Tartarus’s right MMI-M15E XIPHIAS Rail Cannon, is another of the Tartaros’s main melee weapons the Prominence Blade. The Prominence Blade has the appearance of a black hilted gold bladed broadsword with fiery red markings, on the sides of the blade, like Brinicle blade can emit cryogenic energy, the Prominence can burst emit, and be covered in flames by thermonuclear energy.

GN Vulcan/Blade.
Within the Tartarus’s knuckles are its GN Vulcan/Blade, which allows it to not only fire energy rounds like a mini gun, but also create a pair of blades made out of pure energy.

"Armfeuer" 115mm Machine Guns.
One of the Tartarus’s all-range weapons that are mounted on each forearm, they are mainly used to discourage enemy units from closing in or to restrict their movements in close combat.

"Zorn" 100mm Energy Cannon.
A short range energy cannon mounted in the suit's mouth which appears when the Tartarus's mouth guard slides open.

EQFU-3X Super Dragoon Mobile Weapon Wings.
Mounted to the Tartarus’s GN Particle Reactor are its EQFU-3X Super Dragoon Mobile Weapon Wings, which it can use as: gliders, sentry turrets, distractions, and melee weapons that can both knock you around, and pin you too other objects like walls, or crates.

M107 "Balaena Kai" Dual Beam Cannon.
An improved version of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam's M100 "Balaena" Plasma Beam Cannons, the "Balaena Kai" Dual Beam Cannon is mounted in the backpack. The dual beam cannon can be used to engage enemy units after flipping upwards, or all the way forward. The beam cannons can also be flipped upward to shoot at aerial enemy units.

M68 Dual Cannon.
Another long range weapon of the Tartarus Gundam is a pair of M68 Dual Cannon, these shell-firing cannons are located in the lower end of the shoulder-mounted binders and can be used for underwater combat. The cannons are usable in both mobile suit mode and mobile armor mode, and are capable of destroying most mobile suits with one shot.

MA-X223E 3-barrel Beam Cannon.
Tartarus is also equipped with a set of MA-X223E 3-barrel Beam Cannons, one set in each shoulder-mounted binders. These beam cannons are very effective in engaging multiple targets, but since they are located in the underside of the binders, they cannot be used while in mobile armor mode.

MMI-TT101 Mk9 High-speed Guided Torpedo.
These torpedoes serve as one of the Tartarus’s main weapon long-range weapons, and are fired from the four launchers that are mounted in the lower end of the shoulder-mounted binders.

Special Equipment.
Geschmeidig Panzer.
Mounted in the red parts of the MX2200 Beam Shields, this system utilizes colloid particles to repel and redirect energy beams away from the mobile suit. The particles used are different from those in Mirage Colloid stealth system, but both systems are similar as powerful magnetic fields are needed to hold the particles in place above the armor. This deflection system however is ineffective against close combat beam weapons.

Trans Phase Armor.
The Tartaros is equipped with Trans Phase, Gundam’s equipped with Trans Phase armor do not change color when the armor is activated. It is a two-layer armor system with the PS armor in the inner layer activating only when the outer armor is breached. This useful design helps to reduce energy consumption and allows the equipped suit to have a much longer operational time as well as far more power to be reserved for the suit's weapon.

Mirage Colloid stealth system.
The Tartaros has knowledge of the Mirage Colloid stealth system, and has it installed for taunting its enemies. In this system, a powerful magnetic field is utilized to hold in place microscopic prisms capable of blocking infrared emission as well as bend visible light and radio waves around an object (e.g.a mobile suit). However due to the system's high energy consumption, it could only be activated for up to 80 minutes. Also, since Phase Shift armor is disabled while Mirage Colloid is active, the Blitz is highly vulnerable in its cloaked state if an enemy is able to locate its position.

HIMAT System.
A configuration in which Strike Freedom's 8 wings are unfolded for higher maneuverability during aerial combat. In space, the deployment of the wings enhances Strike Freedom's AMBAC capabilities.

Multi Lock-On System.
Like the original Freedom Gundam, the Strike Freedom is equipped with this system to target multiple enemies and attack them at once. To use this system effectively, the pilot must have high spatial awareness capability, which is rare even among Coordinators.[3] This system can also be used when the Strike Freedom docks with the METEOR unit.

Full Burst Mode.
The name of the attack mode in which Strike Freedom uses its beam rifles, DRAGOONs, railguns and multi-phase beam cannon all at once. This mode is also present in Freedom Gundam and is often used together with the Multi Lock-On System to destroy a large amount of enemy units simultaneously. Thanks to the DRAGOONs, the Strike Freedom's Full Burst Mode has a larger firing range than the Freedom's, granting it a full 360 degree range of attack capability.

The Trans-Am System (or Trans-Am) is an inherent feature of both the GN Drive and GN Drive Tau that temporarily increases their GN Particle output beyond normal parameters for greatly enhanced combat performance. The system is featured prominently in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It also appears in the Gundam Build Fighters series and Gundam Build Divers, utilized by Gunpla based on GN Drive powered mobile suits.

Pilot info & Appearance.
Pilot: Cedric Vance.
Family: Alyssa: Sister-Deceased, Parents: Deceased
Hair Color: Black, with red streaks.
Eye Color: Red.
Skin Tone: Pale.
Personality: Cedric has a calm, gentle, and protective personality, has a soft spot for seeing the smiles of children, so seeing one hurt makes him lose it, absolutely hates sexists, racists, feminists, and anyone who beats up other people because they believe themselves to be better.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Straight.
Race: American.
Human Type: New-type/Coordinator.
Casual Attire: when out of uniform he wears a white shirt, black duster, red jeans, brown combat boots, black finger-less gloves Alyssa’s locket.
Likes: books, music, quiet, Tartarus, anime parodies, movies, Mikoto, seeing kids smile, and anime.
Dislikes: children crying, people screaming out of excitement (hurts his ears), Ethan (pilot of the XIS-Ω02S Olympus Gundam), sexists, racists, and anyone who beats up other people because they believe themselves to be better.

If You want to know more about Ethan send an email.
6/17/2019 c16 Dark Phoenix Jake
I to know how hard it is to lose weight, good luck losing more weight.
Glad to know the series isn't abandoned
6/17/2019 c16 Rydan fall
Watch your sugar intake, that alone can help a ton.

Also consider how Orb would have liked the Diva (Gunam AGE) and the 74,75,76 Troy Horse, Grey Phantom and Stallion deritifs(?) of the Pegasus class from Gundam UC.
Even a picture of them could help, since it is basically a Archangel with two Izumo nose sections lenghtening the front legs, while the engine section is beefed up to two big blocky thrust giving things.

Sure, no real time for that in Seed, but for tge wait period till Seed Destiny?
Enough time for that. I bet.

As for the Strike Freedom, I hope he suggest adding the proposed backpack on top of the Freedom one in order to get two wing sets that let said unit to more easily work on planet and in space.
Then get the Regenerate and the Forbidden for their designs.
Combine and ad to the Strike Freedom and a certain Golden MS, for maximum effect.
And propose that some of the Strike Freedom upgrades are tested on the Freedom, like the joints upgrade.
Get a Gundam Wing unit for its fusion reactor design, the one most likely to have it on board are either Deathscyth(?) Hell or Wing Zero.
Lets you remove that nuclear reactor and lets you ad in future GN drive Tau with recharging tech added to it and condensor tanks.
Think a combination of the Exia and the 00, based on the Strike Gundam or else the Astray or is ir Astraea?
6/17/2019 c16 25Z-King
I get what you are going through and I totally understand and hey maybe I can help you out with this if you want. After all I love helping a fellow author on a story but only if you want. Take as much time as you want on your stories. (:
6/17/2019 c16 Krysvun
It's been a looooonnnggg time. I'll be gladly waiting for the next chapter
6/17/2019 c16 BIGGZ1344
Saying don't freak out will usually cause the opposite...

That said I get where you're coming from and I'm still waiting for the next chapters of you fic, so...
Also a Gundam/Monster Hunter crossover? Colour me curious.
6/5/2019 c15 strike dagger
6/3/2019 c14 6DragonBlade00
Writer block?
5/14/2019 c15 Guest
Will Adam revive in the eyes it’s not overpowered as he is fighting faint robots. Also shouldn”t eyes be capable of FTL.
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