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for If Only You Knew

8/17 c1 1smcandy
I wish this story had more chapters. I hope you will decide to make more Escaflowne related one-shot or small stories like this one soon.

sincerely authoress smcandy
5/7 c1 nikkininecou
Was this republished? I feel like I've read this many moons ago. Its a great shot.
As your other story, you are able to capture the characters very well. I feel the same ambiance in my imagination similar to what I felt with the series. Congrats and I continue to look forward to many future submissions from you.
3/17 c1 1Shylowdeath
You write very vividly! Well done!
9/27/2018 c1 thepinkmartini
Decided to read this one for now instead of Soulmates. I'm stalling with the last 2 remaining chapters on that one cos I don't want it to end! Well, not really end, but end with the chapters that are already published. Anyways, I remember reading "If Only You Knew" a few years back actually. I have no idea why I didn't leave a review back then though.

Anyways, I love this one shot to say the least. I've always thought of Van as a young teenage boy in the series who was super inexperienced when it came to the opposite sex. So reading a one shot where he has dirty thoughts of Hitomi makes him more human to me. More relatable to say the least. And I guess even the most innocent looking of boys discover their sexuality at around his age or earlier. Also, I love how you wrote the story in third person, but still gave us a glimpse into both Hitomi's and Van's individual thoughts and feelings as the story unfolded. That ending was great! It could've been a kiss like Hitomi anticipated and Van wanted, but the throwing of the shirt on Hitomi's face was much more in character for Van. LOVE IT!
2/26/2017 c1 Cathline
I really also enjoyed this story of you. I think you are a very gifted writer. I started watching escaloflowne when it came out on DVD in Germany and I was really young. I started it again sometimes but never watched again till the end since it made me sad.
Now after really more than a decade I first read your story soul mates and now this one and I feel a lot of nostalgia for being reminded of one of my favorite animes in my childhood. Really thank you, I even watched the movie again after reading your stories. I think you captured the mood and characters really well.
I wish you the best
5/20/2016 c1 pandorababe
love this cant wait for the next chapter
3/14/2016 c1 Guest
I really enjoyed reading this :) I hope you write more.
5/15/2015 c1 YuiLee
I wish this story is a bit longer. Nonetheless, this is an excellent read. I love this. Hope you'll write another Esca fic in the future. Perhaps, a multi-chaptered next time. ;D
4/17/2015 c1 24Detallista 257
Oh man this was so good, left me wanting more...but since this isn't mark as complete, are you planning on writing more? It doesn't have to be mature, just anything Escaflowne related will make me happy, your writing is just that great.
4/6/2015 c1 1dinkycharlie
Really sweet story.. It has definitely potential to be more than a one shot!
4/5/2015 c1 threesabers
aww you tricked me... Overconfident she was and I wanted something to happen but so glad to see he behaved like a gentleman.
3/21/2015 c1 Lyta23
Wow- I love it. So great. I love the tension so intense. I wish there was more...
3/2/2015 c1 Miniclio
I love it ! This is so good, its fun and really well though.
Do you think you will ever write a sequel to it ?

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