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11/21/2017 c9 3Decipher the Cipher FMSKHU
What the-
11/21/2017 c8 Decipher the Cipher FMSKHU
11/21/2017 c7 Decipher the Cipher FMSKHU
11/15/2017 c6 guest
i skipped school yesterday and we had a test, my teacher said that we would have to do every question 5 times if we skipped...and he looked angry yesterday. here i am, its 4:48 in the mroning reading this...the last thing i want is rin to be judged...yup since he's kill me tomorrow
7/14/2016 c12 4DeadX Zero
I do the same, though I have much more fun, the I really should.
7/14/2016 c11 DeadX Zero
Sorry Rin we can't find out your incoming Doom till 'Hosts in Gehenna!
7/14/2016 c9 DeadX Zero
All Author's are Terrifying! *Starts to giggle crazy* They can bend the characters be at there beck and call! *Giggle becomes a laugh* So Satan, with Author's you need be ready for torture! *Laugh becomes one of an insane maniac* I am an Author, and I just L.O.V.E. Love, Love, Love, Love~ to torture my victims! (Characters) From games, Anime's, novels, movies, show, ect.
*Insane laughter becomes messed up and Demonic now* I am a level 8 Fangirling!~ there's 10 levels!~ *Laughing like an Insane, Crazed, messed up, Lunatic, Demonic Psychopathic Maniac Demon now.*
7/14/2016 c7 DeadX Zero
I have a feeling that Renge knows Rin is the 'Son of Satan'.
7/14/2016 c3 DeadX Zero
I want Kuro!
5/16/2016 c6 Guest
Sorry, I just HAVE to do this at this cliffhanger:
Here it comes:

12/26/2015 c2 1TenableCape9819
7/19/2015 c12 percab8531
So this was technically like a filler story. All right. I'll dig it
4/30/2015 c11 1mylifedependsoncandy

RIIIIIIIIIIIIINNN! Also, TAMAKI YOU IDIOT. No reason for that. I just felt like saying that.
4/29/2015 c11 7Yuki F. Karasu
Amazing amazing!
4/29/2015 c11 shinshinjane
I hope the sequel is great as this one.
See you next illusion.
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