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for Experiment 105

9/4/2015 c13 4Par C
Haha! That was fun to read!
Can't wait to read the re-written Unova's Downfall !
9/3/2015 c13 2inactive since 5-21-17
*bows* you are welcome. Thank's LDR for the honor, thanks Proton ;)
Good luck in future stories!
6/28/2015 c12 trent.richins
I still love you, but I did get a little teary eyed reading this. You are a great writer and I hope to continue reading your stories. Just don't take do ling for the next chapter next time, okay? And thanks again for the amazing content.
6/27/2015 c12 Anonymous ghost
Wait. Over? Nooooo.
Well, it was a good ride while it lasted and all things good or bad come to an end eventually. Time for the final review.

Implanted with tracking chips. I am not surprised. If I were Giovanni I'd have done the same thing. It's sad she had to leave her Pokemon behind after just getting the chance to meet them again though.

Silver! Aw heck. Not good. Of course Proton had to grind Silver's gears by acting overly possessive of Shiya in front of him. That's so him. And ooh, served! Hypocritical indeed. I half expected Silver to either challenge Proton or just have his Pokemon quickly take him down. Glad to see his feelings for Shiya are stronger than his spite for Team Rocket and Proton. And speaking of which, Proton saying (well, mouthing) I love you shows another bit of development there. That was Onixpected.

He's got a point. Rockets are all over Kanto and Johto still. Maaaan, that ending was bittersweet. Hard to tell which flavor was stronger. But it does leave it open for a sequel. 'Experiment 105: Results'? Maybe a timeskip, see the results of her leaving Team Rocket behind and how she changed because of it, and what happens in the future? Do she and Proton reunite? Does she get her Pokemon back? What of Silver and his sister? What of Giovanni's plans, he might still be hunting Shiya or just give up on her. Or- *gasp* Experiment 105-2? Only time will tell.

It's a great story overall, would recommend. Stays true to canon yet takes some liberties that keep it unique. As for hating you, weeeeell..

I kid. If it had ended with her having to become a fugitive on the run for the rest of her life, or some sort of 'bad ending' where she was killed/mindbroken then I would have been a sadpanda. But I like it how it is. Look forward to future works!

Oops, questions! I got a few. Some might have been answered already buuut..
For Proton. How'd you learn to use a knife so well? Practice, natural talent, training?
For Shiya. Do you also have Abilities? How does that work, randomly picked when you assume a form or can you have them all? As for TM, HM, and Tutor moves, do you get them from the appropriate source or are they already known if learnable, or do they 'unlock' as you get stronger?
For Silver. That thing about your sister true? Not that I'd judge but Shiya's totally right if it's true. Kinda hypocritical man, even if she's nicer than most. Still a Rocket.
Finally for the big man himself. What inspired the creation of Shiya? Any plans for another try?

That's it this time. Spectre out.
6/27/2015 c12 inactive since 5-21-17
You could do a small sequel. Or an epilogue, a few years into the future.
*doesn't cry but is in a daze*
Great job, looking forward to maybe another with Executive Proton... like /cough/cough/Cannonshipping/cough/cough/
6/27/2015 c11 4Par C
I meant to write hun not hunting
6/27/2015 c12 Par C
It's over already?! Nevertheless, the ending was nice, good job hunting!
4/10/2015 c11 1Tika Masala
Yay! Happy lovey dovey shtuff! I love it :3
4/9/2015 c11 Anonymous ghost
Cookiiiiee! *omnomnom* Yeah, think you did a good job with the Pokeball scenario. Now, reviewin' time..

How- Ah, using the manga again? Pokeballs can be seen through in that canon. Silver did the right thing there, totally. Bringing out a shiny Gyarados and nuking his Bellsprout in the face instead of asking for the Pokeball I mean.

Skydancer, nice name. Skydancer used Double Team in that chase? I assume that's what it was. Heh. It's a hat. OhmyArceus it's. A. Hat. ..Sorry, just felt it amusing that you italicized that. Then again people thought Brendan's hat was his hair so..

Proton. Memories of Proton. Proton, Proton, Protein. She must like him or something. *chuckles* They're finally reunited! That's good news. I wonder what Alanna and Proton are going to do now..

Good chapter. Shiya is back in safe hands, away from Giovanni. Perhaps we'll get more of her past as the serum fades. Looking forward to the next chapter as always, ghostyperson out.
4/8/2015 c11 trent richins
you never stop amazing me with your skills. dont got much to say only have one question, will that kid be important later in the story? Anyways thanks again and keep up the amazing work.
4/7/2015 c10 4Par C
I really thought it was Lance. And I was like "what the hell" when it appeared it wasn't him haha! It's headed well so far. I can tell you like Giovanni and team rocket, although he seems to be willing to "sacrifice" a son in order to achieve what he believes is the greater good. In his mind, maybe he's even thinking that he's doing his son a favour. Or maybe the fact that his son doesn't follow his steps caused him the kind of wound it would cause to a lunatic genius. Psychologically, the relationships between characters on this story are possible and truthful. I would write an essay if I keep this up. But I'm only here to support a writer on their story, that would be you. Well done!
4/7/2015 c9 Par C
Congrats for the 4000 words! I understand my reviews aren't much of a thing, but I love this story and the characters so far. Plus, slowly revealing bits of Shiya's past keeps me interested, as well as the romance with Proton hehe. Interesting how Shiya's Pokémon side can overcome her human side, maybe instics are stronger than logic most times. I wonder what are the rest of the effects the experiment caused on her. Forgive my English lol. Well done for another great chapter!
4/7/2015 c8 Par C
Awe Shiya is back under Giovanni's control.. I hope things turn out well for her. I like all of the chapters so far, and the way you describe battles is very genuine and well written. I noticed that in Unova's downfall as well, although for a reason I like this story more. Good job!
4/2/2015 c10 fuzzycat853
That seemed to be a pretty short chapter but still good nonetheless. I can't wait for the next chapter! Is the person who captured Shiya someone from the t.v. show or a movie or another fanfic or something?
4/2/2015 c7 Par C
Who was the guy that entered her room? And she was soooo close to freedom!
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