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3/23/2019 c6 OnePunchPlayer
Well sorry old man, in this day and age we fight from afar (Really Really Far), and not up close like the thousands of old days. Even in CQC situations its mostly straightforward and quick win or defeats, and not relying on fancy long dueling martial arts to waste such energy. [ Sarcasm ]

(Cole against Iroh from afar, heh. Especially if Benders aren't able to 'bend' Conduit powers. However up close against Iroh?...Like I said from up top. Confident Smiles immediately fell. [ Dead Tone ])
3/23/2019 c4 OnePunchPlayer
Ahhhh...Ionic Freeze is always one of my favorites (Especially on UGC Unlimited Power missions).

(Wish we Guardians have that kind of power, but Cryo elements aren't part with the Light mainly...)
10/30/2017 c2 Johanson132
it's a jacket dude not a shirt
10/15/2017 c7 Javicho99
Tienes talento, me ha encantado tu historia y esperaré la siguiente actualización con ansias.
Por cierto, en el juego hay un contenido descargable; un poder que trata de unas especie de dagas eléctricas que matan de un golpe a los enemigos y tal vez podrías incorporarlo a tu historia junto con otros poderes que también puedes descargar.
Esperaré lo que sea la siguiente actualización.
9/22/2017 c1 Dr.Medic
You Abandoned The Tf2 X Percy Jacksons Crossover The "Its Still America To Me"
6/2/2017 c7 icedshadows
Keep going this is great!
1/28/2017 c7 2The science fanfic writer
Nice, a few spelling errors, but nice.
1/6/2017 c7 4josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up :)
1/6/2017 c7 7Bluepaw265
...No! You ended it on yet ANOTHER cliffie. From the amount of stories I'm reading with Cliffhangers today, I'm telling you...Gods, this is just hurting me.
But this is great. You've done another excellent chapter and, as always, i can't wait for more.
And I wonder what that orange 'blast shard' is...
1/1/2017 c6 Bluepaw265
...I'm speechless.
...And I'm not happy, either. You just left it at that! Well, at least you gave me a chapter; that much I'm happy about.
And yay! Cole is an acquaintance with both Team Avatar and Team Zuko! This is going to come to the point where he has to choose whose side he's on (or if he's on a side at all).
Wow! This is getting interesting! Can't wait for more!
12/31/2016 c6 4josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up
12/18/2016 c5 7Bluepaw265
(Illuminati music sounds at the end of the chapter)
Whoa! I must be dreaming, because this story is still up and running! Yay! SO happy!
It's just sad because you ended it on a cliff-hanger, and now i have no idea how long I'll have to wait before you post again...But it doesn't matter. This story is a great one, one that I love and will gladly read any day. So good on you.
Thank you for making this.
12/18/2016 c5 4josephguy217
Awesome chapter keep it up
10/14/2016 c4 Guest
Man, you need to add more chapters! Dude i love stories like this! Keep up the good work Man! -
10/2/2016 c4 7Bluepaw265
This is awesome! Please, do make more of this amazing book!
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