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for Games without Frontiers - 2015 Remix

5/23/2015 c27 7wealhtheow1
How much do I love that Riza reads trashy romance novels? SO. FREAKING. MUCH.
5/5/2015 c22 8BlueIsTheColourOfOurPlanet
Still love this story, it just doesn't get boring.
4/27/2015 c20 SandDruid
OMGOOOOOD, I don't know why this fix doesn't have more reviews. Really great writing and amazing story. Ugh, I love you. Lol, keep it going you rock.
4/27/2015 c20 BlueIsTheColourOfOurPlanet
Hahaha poor Roy, one would have thought he knew about Rizal being Grummans granddaughter XD Haha this is just grandiose XD
I like the plot here and I'm curious to see how it will resolve, this is an interesting development. Can't wait for more!
4/24/2015 c20 7wealhtheow1
I really loved the Royai crack, but I am so so glad you are going in this direction, adding in some mystery and some more complex plot. You do a fabulous job of doling out information-you give just enough to keep the reader interested and not feeling out of the loop, while keeping us hooked on what might be coming. And as much as I love reading about sexytimes between Roy and Riza, I think their relationship is at its best when they are working together. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of that working relationship as you continue. Keep it coming!
4/19/2015 c19 8BlueIsTheColourOfOurPlanet
I don't get why this story has only so few reviews and favourites, I think it's really good and I don't even like Royai!
It's well written, so well that it keeps me captured despite said Royai aversion. Despite the plot/theme not being entirely new you sell it in a way that makes the reader think the concept has never been there before. I still felt surprised sometimes even though I should have guessed what was to come. Not to mention I love your writing style!
I could continue to praise this for a while longer but I need to get off the train at the next station so I'll stop it here and ask you to please keep up the wonderful work!
Be reading you!
4/17/2015 c19 7wealhtheow1
There's just nothing about this that isn't sheer perfection.
4/13/2015 c18 71Diana Raven
Omg. I loved this one! I loved how you put in the name of the last chapter.
4/13/2015 c18 7wealhtheow1
This is just spot-on perfect. I love the interaction between Roy and Maes.
4/9/2015 c1 Katey
You are doing a really great job, I've been keeping up with this fic since chapter 5 and now I'm reviewing it :) It's really good.
4/8/2015 c16 Whistling Baboon
This isn't really my pairing but the title of your fic makes me smile every time I see it.
4/8/2015 c16 wealhtheow1
I am just LOVING this. Can't wait to see Roy's reaction-he always struck me as the type who would likely just puff up with pride at this turn of events. :)
3/17/2015 c8 Lothmel
Wow that's the best written first time I've ever seen! Keep going, because it's only going better :)
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