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7/24 c64 Seed
Oh. I don't know if I'm a regular commenter, but I would be honored to have a cameo! I commented on ffnet and goodreads under the name Seed, and once on reddit under the name TemurSeed.
7/20 c64 Guest
Cool story broseg
7/20 c64 Guest
Cool story bro!
7/20 c64 blashimov
Man I just love your work, been following from the beginning. Thank you for providing some quality free entertainment. Lovely.
7/2 c63 Denver
Holy crap this is an amazing chapter/interlude. I always liked your descriptions of Yeerk life. I love hearing how a species might work that is so totally different from our own. And then having that species basically existing as a brain in a vat, or an emergent property of thousands of individual yeerks is so interesting. And seeing how that really makes a consistence sense of identity basically impossible. In some way it is very sad. There doesn't seem to be any other organism that quite works on that emergent level, but then having it basically die because all of the constituent parts become individual people as well. Now I'm actually not sure if that's sad or if it's happy.
6/23 c63 TheChairIsAgainstTheWall
The Star Wars EU references never fail to bring a smile to my face.

Existential horror at the dissolution of traditional culture take on a whole new level when you're a hive intelligence, don't it?
6/22 c63 Guest
Holy shit this war is going to get real. I'm so fucking excited. Time to up the ante babyyyy
6/22 c63 nanosaurous
I love how you tell the story from so many sides and go so deep into the lore. It's amazing
6/13 c61 Guest
I love this visser 3
6/15 c61 shimodadaisuke
This entire fic feels something worthy of a Netflix show with multiple seasons, yet I feel as if the sanity threshold has been crossed ages ago for understanding. yup, I think im not intellectually developed enough to understand whats going in the fic anymore. It makes so much sense and follows up whatever was said in the previous chapter, yet it doesn't at the same time. Don't get me wrong, this fic is amazing and pretty much gives a more likely scenario i.e a much more plausible scenes of what would happen in Animorphs . It just, it all feels a bit .. more , no ..Much more complex than I initially imagined the story to be.
6/13 c24 3Black Gold Saya
Nice try here. The books also tried this, and while you got closer, I still have zero sympathy for yeerks. Intelligence does not entitle them to experience. Solid writhing though.
6/11 c61 24Boris Yeltsin
Well done, though I have catching up to do. Big fan of the books. They're coming to audio book form. The first ten are. Care for ideas for this reboot?
6/8 c61 Seed
My best guess: this Jake is a morph acting as a proxy.
6/7 c61 TheChairIsAgainstTheWall
Ah, a true rationalist. Cares deeply about avoiding oblvion, major beef with the local godlike entities, severe issues modeling other people's non-utilitarianism. I love your Visser 3.
6/3 c53 Guest
This is possibly the best story I've ever read. No joke.
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