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for Of Ghosts and Valkyries

11/15/2016 c44 1HopelessRomantic183
Okay, so either Merida was already the first to crack in order to save Pitch OR Rapunzel will be...in order to save Pitch. Let's face it, if she lets Pitch die and the Ghosts find out that she had healing powers after the fact then they'll be furious with, not just Rapunzel, but the group as a whole and no longer trust any of them!
11/15/2016 c38 Ihavenoideasforthis57
So, about your author's note... I wasn't really around for #1, 2 is really true, 3... I just... *internal groan*. In Frozen, Hans should have won an Emmy for Best Actor. He made a naive, sweet princess fall in love with him, got other royals from other kingdoms to think that he wanted the best for Arendelle, then went to Elsa's Castle on the North mountain and looked all innocent by keeping her from killing two men, and also from them killing her. And then, he neglects Anna, and leaves her to die. He is an a**hole. A really smart one, too, and that's not easy to come by in this day and age. I thoroughly hate him with a passion, so... He's strangely my favorite villain, second only to Scar from the Lion King (Scar's real name was Taka, and in Swahili that means garbage. Mufasa means King in Swahili. No wonder why Garbage hates his family.).
11/14/2016 c37 Ihavenoideasforthis57
You're AMAZING at writing... I mean, I am a writer, but I wouldn't be able to just get an idea like this out of the blue. Like, how you have ever-so-subtle ways of sneaking characters in, such as Eep and Guy from the Croods. That was great. Or when you had Ariel. That made me happy.
I love this story, and I'm super picky, so, yeah, I have no idea how to end this sentence. I appreciate how you brought out Aurora. Self-assisted death is sometimes the only way for people to get out. I mean, how do people who are brain dead supposed to tell you they just want it all over with? I know it's a touchy topic, but seriously. I hope you keep up this, bringing up controversial topics in realistic ways (even though I'm pretty sure this wouldn't ever happen, but it seems like it would happen in that situation...) and putting your thoughts in it without sounding biased. I really like that about this story. Keep it up! -Celest, your ever sarcastic/outspoken/annoyingly truthful/arrogant friend (haha hopefully) when it comes to writing... Bye!
11/13/2016 c43 Waguneru
Its kida obvius that they feel atraction, he protect her sister and show him the truth of her goverment and the death of her family but what make them feel in love for each other.
One would think that someone as trained as a valkirye would know about infiltration but with out the resources and the help of unity, of course they dont know what to do. Make me question me how would be the true trainning with the ghost and what would be their results?

Unity now knows that they survive, what would be the next step for hunting them down? And suspects that if they can discover this, maybe the alliance discover too what happens with the star. Plus what kind of problems and scar will come back to Koz memories.

Awesome the return of Snow white and the way she disappears remind me a little master Oogway. Good to now that she put back Jack and the ghosts in business and give him the faith he desperate need it.

Cant wait to read what kind of adventures await for our heroes, the horrors they will have to face and the sacrificies they would have to do in order to restore peace across the planet. The new alies and enemies that will appear too and the return of old faces who think were lost.

Nice work mate and hope to...
Read you later.
11/12/2016 c43 3MaravillaKatana
I wanna see something batshit crazy in this story! And I mean Spec Ops: The Line type of batshit crazy.

Like our main guys unintentionally committing a horrific act in the name of greater good (e.g, being forced to murder innocent civilians in order to 'get to the bottom of something').

I want to see the characters do something so fucked up that asks the question "DO YOU FEEL LIKE A HERO YET?"
11/8/2016 c43 13SharKohen
I like these chapters. Not too much rush, not too much tension, must enough to develop the relationships between people and have a chill pill. I'' glad that Jack had that moment with Neve because he's been in a bit too much darkness. He's need someone to spill his feeling to and a spirit of a dead mother works, I guess.
11/2/2016 c43 Polar Panda
Your use of Marvel quotes and scenes are beyond fantastic! They add such a fun element to this already amazing story. The final scene was heartbreakingly beautiful and I'm glad jack is starting to heal. If I read the A/N correctly then there should be a hiccup and Astrid chapter coming up which I was really hoping for. From my point of view Rapunzel and Astrid are the least developed characters so far and I am excited to see where you take them.
Your cold and cuddly reader
Polar Panda
11/4/2016 c43 8OniNoKo
He has to admit he just wanted to kiss her :D

Okay, there are a few things I need to talk about...

So, ever since the Valkyries got fucked over by Hans, I've been in an internal battle with myself. On the one hand, I kinda want things to happen fast, but on the other, this is a very crucial moment in the story line and it shouldn't be overlooked.

At first, I found it odd that Elsa switched so quickly from a revenge seeking, highly trained warrior to a humble girlie with almost no clue about what's going on. I mean, she's got some serious military training and yet she doesn't know how to take care of herself in a new environment?

Sure, the Vs didn't need to hide and avoid confrontation. All they had to do was go on full-frontal assaults. So, in that respect, their training and skills are a lot different from those of the Gs. I get it.

But honestly, Elsa almost seems like a damsel in distress. Especially when around Jack - the very man she wanted to kill up until 2 weeks previously. It seemed too convenient and you, my friend, are one for complex plots so that had me thinking - the Elsa from the last couple of chapters or so is actually the real Elsa.

The thing is, from all four Vs, Elsa is the only one who actively chose to be a V. If Aurora was used for 50 years to detect abbies, that means that she saw when Astrid, Merida and Rapunzel bloomed as well. Now, no matter how you look at it, Rapunzel is not aggressive and is definitely not soldier material. Astrid and Merida are more suited for that BUT Merida only wants to be with her family and to take care of her brothers, and Astrid, while probably the second most driven V, was freaked out when she found out there were children on the Star. All that leads me to believe that Elsa was the only one who WANTED to become a V.

However, even Elsa made that choice under difficult circumstances. She was overcome by grief and anger - her whole family was so suddenly taken away from her and the culprit was dangled in front of her face. So becoming a V was the solution to it all. And she made the choice and overnight she turned from the loving sister Anna remembers to a cold-hearted murderous bitch. As Jack pointed out in this chapter, she learned to kill. She also did it for the sole purpose of killing him. But that doesn't mean that she changed on the inside. If anything, she bottled up who she truly is - the loving sister whom Anna so desperately missed.

That said, once Elsa caught wind of how everything was one big ploy, the Valkyrie in her faltered and real-Elsa started poking her head out. The moment she disbanded the Vs, Valkyrie-Elsa died. The only aspect that remained was remorse. So what we're seeing now - this nervous and slightly meek Elsa - is the result of all that.

Now, about the flirting... I can't help thinking that she's sort of testing the water.

First off, let's not forget she had a sexual dream about Jack while she was still hunting him down. Whether or not that was some bizarre manifestation on her desire to have him dead, it's a fact. Secondly, she is so obviously attracted to him... at least physically. Ex-Valkyrie or not, the female instinct is there. Furthermore, it's not like she hasn't caught him looking at her more often than not. That, and he hasn't exactly mistreated her in any way post their last fight. So far, he has spared her life, helped and protected her and her team, and most importantly he's been taking care of her sister. From all the Gs, she has been mostly interacting with him and he's been far from hostile which has to stand for something given that she's responsible for the death of his friends and for that nasty scar on his back.

Considering all that and the fact that Elsa is slowly turning back to who she was prior to becoming a Valkyrie, I don't think it's so impossible to believe that she's a) somewhat interested in him and b) allowing herself to display it a little.

As for Jack, well, he already admitted he finds her attractive after their encounter in New Burgess. Aside from that, he's sort of made her his personal responsibility. The woman tried to kill him more than once but he had zero problem carrying her in his arms, giving her his clothes, and even complimenting her. Sure, she's his bestie's sister, but come on! The attraction is there no matter how much he tries to fight it. Otherwise the slightest changes in her emotions wouldn't have made an impression on him 'cause he wouldn't have cared. I know, he's saying that he's doing it all for Anna's sake, but if he honestly believed that Elsa was a bad person he would have kept her away from Anna at any cost and wouldn't have allowed Elsa anywhere near the Gs.

All this, plus the funny feeling he gets when he's around her.

Now, about that hallucination/apparition/whatever... Personally, I would have chosen a different way to go about it, e.g. put it in a dream because like that it's easy to believe that Jack's bottled up grief is trying to break free from his subconscious. BUT when we know somebody really well, just like he knew Neve, we can kind of imagine how a conversation with that person would turn out. So, I like to think that Neve wasn't a hallucination but Jack willingly or not imagined it all and just carried out a conversation with himself masked as Neve, thereby convincing himself of things he already knew deep down and also letting go.

And thus ends my terribly lengthy review xD

Did it make any sense? No? Okay.
11/3/2016 c43 50Jpbake
That scene with Neve kind of felt like the scene from Lion King when Simba was talking to Mufasa's spirit in the clouds, just so much emotion it was almost tear jerking.
Hopefully though it will make Jack a little bit more trusting toward the Valkyries. At least towards Elsa at least.
Update soon.
11/3/2016 c43 HornedGoddess
Great job with this chapter. The training was well done and thought out. And the KISS I know we all have been waiting for. Thank you for this wonderful update. Your wonderfully fantastic!
11/1/2016 c43 yezzieshah
Furiyaann... You made me cry. D:

Wow. Just wow. As much as I loved (ABSOLUTELY LOVED) the snippets of romance between Jack and Elsa in this chapter, I personally appreciated the scene between Jack and Neve even more. So heartbreaking. It hit me so far in the feels that I just...can't.. T.T

Thank you for staying strong to keep on writing this story. You're awesome. Now I'm just gonna go cry in a dark corner just like Jack's repressed sorrow and pain. (WAILS LIKE A WHALE)
11/1/2016 c43 Dee
Aaaah! y! I can go back to thoroughly reading this beautiful fic of yours (I used to skim for reasons hehe). Allelujah! I do hope however that Jack would be the one to (kinda) go after Elsaand not the other way around — like in your other story. Hahaha. I'm really looking forward to your next update. Have a great week ahead! :)
11/1/2016 c43 yezzieshah
Furiyaaaan... You made me cry. D:

Wow. Just... Wow. As much as I love the snippets of romance appearing between Elsa and Jack, I personally appreciated the scene of Jack and Neve even more. It was just so... Heartbreaking. Something about the love between family just hits me right in the feels. My feels...

Thank you so much for staying strong to keep on writing this fanfiction. Just...let me weep in the dark corner just like Jack's suppressed feelings of sorrow and pain. (WAILS LIKE A WHALE)
11/1/2016 c43 AngelMia
I'm squealing. Be still my beating heart. First Jelsa kiss. Oh yeah! I was actually surprised that Chapter 42 and 43 had been uploaded because I thought you were going to have a haitus. I'm so glad I checked your fanfic to see if there would be any updates. Now I'm squealing with glee and laughing at those little anecdotes. Jack saying 'Winter is coming' and Elsa commenting that she has 'a voice for musicals' made giddy. I love spotting little easter eggs that just makes fics more fun.

I'll be patient wait for my Hiccstrid fix (they would always be my main OTP) but these Jelsa moments just made my day. I'm looking forward to Rapunzel and Anna's Perdition chapter. I think it would be interesting for Anna to have an insight about her sister through someone who have known Elsa since the start of the Valkyrie program. I'm glad that Elsa and Anna has begun to reconcile with each other. I just these sisters to hug one another and just be happy. Elsa needed that break from all the angst and Anna needs her sister's support.
11/1/2016 c43 5Fantasy OH YEA
This was an awesome chapter and i love the romance between Jack and Elsa developing
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