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for Of Ghosts and Valkyries

1/4/2018 c46 Fenris Jin
Oh Merida. Why is it that they get a pub brawl and Elsa only gets a hanky panky? XD

Now we know why Pitch isn't any higher in command among Ghosts. Whereas everyone tries for subtlety, he likes to bring hot headed hot redheads for company in bar fights. XD

Best Ghost tutorial of the day!
1/4/2018 c42 Fenris Jin
Great revival on my faith in Anna. Although it's more of an introspection than empathy, the feels was there. Beautiful still. So much so in fact that I found the Jelsa distracting. Huh. Here I thought that was the first reason I read this fic. XD

Funny Pitch and Merida. I wonder if the man still has a weakness for red heads, I do recall he used to have a crush on one. XD
1/4/2018 c41 Fenris Jin
I'm excited about the crash course training! Not because of Jelsa, psh, but the possibility that the fallen Valkyries are going to be by their own someday! Maybe a sister fraction in the resistance.. So, so excited!

Great background history for Pitch. Quite fitting even. I'm pretty excited with how he and Merida would work too. XD
1/4/2018 c40 Fenris Jin
I'm trying really hard, but I'm really not feeling the proper feels for Anna, maybe I'm expecting too much from her. Her little sister has always been Elsa's end game. Anna had practically written her sister off as a beautiful memory and moved on. Can't blame her, but I empathize more to those that are left behind. Personally, I'd rather know my sibling is just behind her closed door than missing without a trace.

Let's face it, Anna had always chosen the Ghosts, ever since her bloom event. Justice for her parents was never even considered, but here she is willing to move mountains for her new family. Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb indeed.

I suppose it's a good character flaw for Anna.

I have to admit though that I would prefer that the Ghosts and fallen Valkyries go their separate ways. It would be more fun for them to make it out on their own too, not to mention practice their gifts. I'm actually wondering if Elsa will even get around creating her Ice Castle and Marshmallow.. Though I can do without Olaf. XD
1/3/2018 c37 Fenris Jin
Putting more guilt on an already repentant sinner. Assisted suicide or not, that was another tough break for Elsa. Murphy's law on the roll perhaps?

Also, does it matter if an Abbie completes their bloom event or not? If it does, I can understand Elsa's not completely manifesting.. but the cold, dark and scared description? That's Frost all over.. He's already powerful, anymore and it'll be overkill. Can't wait for more info on that.
1/3/2018 c34 Fenris Jin
Hiccup and Pitch bantering has been a great treat these days. And the manly beard comment, that had me in stiches too! Here I thought that Black only knew dark humor. XD
1/3/2018 c33 Fenris Jin
Aunty Anna may be Mommy Anna soon.

Anyway, is it just me or is Jack now obsessing over Elsa? Snow Queen this, Snow Queen that. She might now even be the one he wants to hunt down. Talk about turning tables. Although if so, it's probably not ideal to kill his best friend's sister when she already blames him for her husband's death. XD
1/3/2018 c32 Fenris Jin
Very fun detective work! Rapunzel's a real gem. Are you sure she wants to be a healer? The girl passes time playing around computer programs. Her awesomess has just upped a level. XD

Hmmm.. So it's Henrik after all? Was Hans just an opportunistic villain to have recruited a grieving Elsa.. or are the Larsen genes really that strong to hit 60% crossmatch between siblings? I'm still rooting for Hans being the ultimate villian you see. XD

Anyway, Astrid's rubbing me the wrong way again. I love how bastardic Pitch can be, yet easily irked by how bitchy Astrid is. Probably because she comes off as a self righteous alpha female but then all she really does is bark. If you tell someone you don't like, that you want to punch them in the face and then make excuses not to, do it only once. Repeating it is just embarrassing.
1/3/2018 c31 Fenris Jin
Okay. Astrid was great in this. I now officially forgive her because.. Dragons!

Also Pitch, have I already said have much I love this man? XD
1/3/2018 c29 Fenris Jin
In some ways, it really is rather ironic that Jack kept mocking
Snow Queen for being too vengeful about her parent's murder one moment, and him going on a murderous rage when Neve died the next.

Hmm.. now that we know Astrid has powers.. More questions arise. Do all Valkyries have powers? Hans could have known already too. It's highly likely that he picked them out for that same reason.
1/3/2018 c28 Fenris Jin
Very emotional chapter. Strangely enough, the loss of innocence to save someone you cared about moved me more than Apollo's sacrifice. I don't know if I was just partial to Pitch, but then I suppose children change our perspective on things.

For the Snowfield sisters, I don't think any reconciliation would work out anytime soon. Especially with the lost lives in the Star. Ex-Valkyrie or not, I don't think Elsa would survive among the Ghosts any more than Anna will survive Unity anyway. So no hard feelings about declining each others offer. XD
1/3/2018 c26 Fenris Jin
Awww.. Poor Elsa. There's just no happy ending for her. If only Anna could take a moment and listen, she'd know how Hans destroyed her family and sister.. Ah well, this way Anna gets more guilty when it all comes out. XD

Hmph! Jack has a thing for blondes apparently, hogging both. I so wanted a showdown between Pitch and Elsa.. Hmm.. athough, maybe it'll be cooler once she has her own ice to play with. XD
1/2/2018 c25 Fenris Jin
Surprisingly, athough I suppose personality wise not so much, Pitch is giving his fellow ghost a harder time then Elsa is with her valkyrie. I have to admit, I love how despite Jack beating the living daylights out of Black, the win still goes to the latter. That vindictiveness is almost a joy to watch, the man's a great anti-hero while it lasted. I'm actually kind of sad that it's all over. XD
1/2/2018 c23 Fenris Jin
Kozmotis "Pitch Black" Pitchinier, bobbing his head along a song by Taylor Swift? Ahh.. no wonder the end of the world is coming.. or at least the Purge is..XD

And also.. they're eating reindeer steak.. Sven is that why you haven't had any air time?! How could you Kristoff?! XD
1/2/2018 c22 Fenris Jin
Kyaaa! Sleeping Beauty is making contact with the Snow Queen! XD

Thrilling and full of possibilities. I wonder if it's because it has sensed her as a fellow abnormal or simply a lost sheep in a den of wolves. Can't wait to find out!
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