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for Of Ghosts and Valkyries

1/2/2018 c19 Fenris Jin
Very glad to see Anna's POV regarding her sister. I wonder why she hasn't connected Elsa's 'disappearance' to a possibe bloom event. Afterall, her parents were dedicated to creating a vaccine or cure, probably too dedicated in fact. XD

Anyway, Anna's now going to be among the frontliners with the Ghosts? Hmm.. that gives her a bigger chance at touching base with her estranged sister. I wonder if the masks are going to be an issue. Can't wait! :D
1/2/2018 c18 Fenris Jin
Wow. I think I hate Astrid. I wish Elsa just kicked her ass anyway. To heck with the other woman's backup. XD

It reassures my heart that Hiccup has Toothless to protect him when the time comes. XD

Anyway, I feel for Elsa. Isolation from her parents, forcefully abandoned by her sister, manipulated into becoming a heartless soldier, and now a metaphoric slap in the face after an attempt at an olive branch.. And they wonder why she's so socially distant? XD

Quite disappointed with the other Valkyries too. Probably because they seem so wishy washy. Didn't they know you can't marry, or in this case commit treason for, a man you just met?
1/2/2018 c17 Fenris Jin
Crapstorm incoming! Whoot! Now Elsa and Pitch know their team's shenanigans. Although I think the latter would find some vindictive triumph even if he did scalp Frost for it, the former.. not so much. XD

Here I thought after some hating from the previous chapters, Snow Queen and Viking were finally going to get to the love.. They did, too bad it didn't even last a full chapter. XD
1/2/2018 c16 Fenris Jin
I'm all smiles at the moment. All this action and I'm over the moon! It was so very cunning of you to separate Toothless initially so as to put Black and Hiccup at a disadvantage when the experiments attacked. It lent the air of suspense and it didn't hurt that we got some awesomeness out of them before Toothless saved the day. :D

As a said before, Pitch is awesome. Brutal, but still so awesome. XD

Anyway, dare I say our Ghost Team Sanctuary just met their predecessors or more accurately, the first generation of abnormals? Being a history buff, I would have thought our dear math professor would be thrilled to meet them. Although, I suppose their murderous welcoming put a damper on things. XD
1/2/2018 c14 Fenris Jin
Frost sleeping with the enemy.. and it's not even THE enemy. XD

Oh I can't wait for when all of these come to head! I could almost imagine the crapstorm, not only of the Valkyries' end but also Pitch's reaction. XD
1/2/2018 c13 Fenris Jin
When Pitch said, "We're not alone." I could hear Jude Law' voice uttering the sentence in my head. XD

Anyway, although I was a bit skeptical about Hiccup and Pitch on an adventure, it proved to be actually amusing and fun, especially for all the sci-fu feel of this chapter. It's very exciting! XD
12/30/2017 c12 Fenris Jin
I'm very glad that despite her team's reluctance and lack of belief in her independent thinking from Unity, Elsa still proves that she knows humanity when she sees it and still takes note. Can't wait to see how it all works out.

Love the love-hate relationship between Elsa and Astrid. Could be fun. XD

So.. Valkyries walking into a bar eh? You sure Kristoff isn't clairvoyant as well as having super strength? XD

Cool background about Mulan. I wonder if she's still alive.. also sounds like fun if so.

As far as things look, it appears like Jelsa is really going to be far off seeing as Jack likes confident women and despite being a Valkyrie Leader, Elsa is still a shrink's walking poster girl for Self Esteem issues. XD

Aaanddd.. as I said, the love-hate between our Vakyrie blondes? I can already see how fun this is going to be with the Jackstrid. XD
12/26/2017 c5 YFate
First of all, hat's off to a completely awesome story. I never would have thought of bringing in all the different characters you have from so many diverse movies and making them fit so seamlessly into your storyline.

I'm particularly fangirling Pitch, especially in the last chapter. Oh, the deliciously sadistic bastid. But you handle him with a fine delicacy, actually making him very human and sympathetic while maintaining a realistic view of how easy the lines can be blurred in the heat of battle. It takes a unique touch to handle that, and I'm in much admiration of your skill and writing.

I'm intrigued the more I read. I like the subtle references, and wonder if the Purge is Unity turning on the abnormals they have trained or if they are planning on ending the Second Cold War and annihilating the Alliance. Hrm...

And, I will say, both Jack and Elsa are written very in character. I just stumbled into the pairing yesterday when scanning YouTube vids, and this is the first story I've read with the pairing. Very interested to see how it plays out.
12/25/2017 c11 Fenris Jin
Awww.. Would you look at that. Pitch Black a genuine guardian. I think Nick would be proud. Now that I think about it.. I'm actually wondering where he is and also what his canon version reaction would be with the Nightmare King protecting children's innoncence. XD
12/25/2017 c9 Fenris Jin
Poor Uni-com. They actually get it right and they end up getting mocked for their efforts. XD

I wonder how Jack Overland really 'died'.
12/25/2017 c8 Fenris Jin
A glimpse of Elsa Snowfield in her return home makes me wish that we get glimpses of how she became Snow Queen.
12/25/2017 c5 Fenris Jin
Oh Eugene. The feels. :(

I suppose I shouldn't be too harsh on the 3/4ths of the Vakyries when Pitch demolished them. He did use his black sand against them. Still though, both Elsa and Jack fought with weapons only and they were still a good match. Which is probably why I really can't wait to see Elsa with her own ice. XD

I'm not sure if Astrid is taking the right route with her Valkyrie Leader. Keeping information from her that might appeal to her more empathic side might be detrimental in the long run. Hmm.. time will tell.

I'm curious to know if Hans is actually relieved that the Snow Queen hadn't won her quarry. Jack Frost is after all the metaphorical carrot that he's dangling infront of her. Then again, if she manages to take out Frost, Hans could still use information about Anna to motivate her. Now that I think about it, I'm kinda liking the evil mastermind in him. XD
12/25/2017 c4 Fenris Jin
Pitch was awesome. Brutal, but awesome. He and Elsa were so intense, I was almost swooning. XD

I have to agree with the Nightmare King. The other Valkyries were disappointing. I'm actually hoping that he and the Snow Queen will go head to head at some point. And with the possibility of the elder Snowfield also being an abnormal. *sighs* To be a fly on the wall.. 3
12/22/2017 c2 Fenris Jin
Glad I found my way to this fic again. Love dark Elsa. Well, maybe not so dark. We'll see after the much awaited clash! XD

Oh btw, just a heads up. Anna is still a Snowborn instead of Snowfield in the earlier part of this chapter. :)
9/5/2017 c22 izzy
ooh i really hope Elsa is abnormal and is a frost/snow weaver in this *insert aurora smirking here*
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