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4/2/2017 c50 Guest
This story is amazing
Just pls let Elsa live
3/16/2017 c35 DragonHeart64
Your story in the authors note actually kinda reminds me of my country after the election...only in reverse! We had plenty of so called "bleeding heart liberals" who were all too happy mock and ridicule anyone who openly admitted to voting for Trump. Those who did were, and still are, automatically labeled as racist, sexist, deplorable, bigots, which is definitely not true! Plenty just felt they were voting for the lesser of the two evils, like they had been ignored by the government for too long and wanted an opportunity for change, or like they had been cheated out of their rightful democratic candidate (Bernie) due to a rigged system, but they have, sadly, all been generalized into one category and any rational reasons for voting the way they did ignored in favor of stereotypical propaganda! Some Democrats were even willing to gang up on, and beat senseless, anyone who admitted to voting for Trump.

I was just recently at a Comic Con talking to a women who received numerous bomb and death threats after the election, just for selling Trump candies! She owned a candy shop and made/sold them for both candidates during the election, but as soon as Trump won her liberal customers were quick to turn on her! Sadist part of the story was, she herself wasn't even a Conservative, she was a Democrat who was just trying to cater to all her customers equally! The violence and double standards in our world today is truly both tragic and horrifying! No matter what party you happen to identify with, no matter which candidate or policies you support, we are all human and deserve to be treated as such! It's disgusting really! :*(

Story wise, this has been an amazing read and I can not wait to see how it ends! ...I might have to wait till morning though...lol, I've already been up reading for the last few hours and I should probably get at least a bit of sleep before work! c;
3/7/2017 c26 Rose
And it was in that moment that I realized you will not let Elsa live to see the epilogue of this fic.
3/9/2017 c50 13SharKohen
Wait...is Neve alive? Or is that someone else.
Well, finally more folks from the ROTG cast and more news on the Alliance. Yes! This is really, really interesting! And SweetTooth - sweet! Though I seem to remember that you had a Serena in another story before and she wasn't their kid at that time...hmm, or was that just my memory playing tricks on me? I am getting old.
I wonder who's the puppet spy. Hans seems a bit ...self-centred. I dunno. I don't see him taking orders from people anymore. Hmmm...
Politics? Random survivors? More action packed randomness? Count me in!
3/6/2017 c50 HornedGoddess
WOOOOOO! Mulan!:) Oh I am so excited!
3/6/2017 c49 HornedGoddess
WOW. Just wow. That was phenomenal. Loved the reveal. It turned out great! Love this fic so much!
3/6/2017 c38 doomguard24
3/6/2017 c50 8OniNoKo
I hate Hans, but can I just say that the beginning of this chapter got me all excited in a dirty kinda way? I mean, if you had kept going with the smut I would have kept on reading attentively :D

Also, Mulan and the Guardians! Really excited to see how all this is going to play out! Just wondering who they're gonna leave that baby with...

Man, I can't wait for you to continue :D
3/4/2017 c50 Random person
Gosh,it's been two years since you published this. I can't believe it's already the end of the book! And MULAANN! I can't wait to see what will happen when the Ghosts find out she's alive! Please try to upload the next book ASAP. If you can upload it by 27 March, you'll have made my day cause it'll be the best birthday gift ever! I have one question- who is Kowalski based on? I mean redhead seductress with green eyes.. I can only think of Black Widow, but she doesn't actually belong to Disney. And Kowalski, the Polish racer in , amazing story and I loved the way you ended the last chapter. Great work!
3/3/2017 c50 Guest
I'm guessing Mulan!
3/3/2017 c50 Guest
3/5/2017 c50 50Jpbake
Sorry, didn't mean to yell * lies*
And Aster and the Guardians have made their official appearance, was wondering if any of them would show up.
Also, even though I usually love smut, that mental image of Hans smut completely made me sick. I'm now hoping I don't lose my lunch.
Book 2 can't come soon enough.
3/5/2017 c50 rtuambir
What are the guardians exactly? Which side are they on?
And is Hans an alliance spy?
And, man, Jack gonna be pissed about Mulan
And when does the next book come up?
great story btw
3/4/2017 c50 Kimchee2222
Omg cliff hanger! But I can't be mad because it was AWSOME
3/4/2017 c50 Fenrir Wylde Razgriz
hey congrats on the 50th update, and i didn't read this yet soo. just letting ye know
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