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3/4/2017 c50 1HopelessRomantic183
Well, lets see! This person is a female, mentored a Ghost, and is Chinese. Excluding General Li Shang, whose already in the room, this person can only be...MUSHU! ...Wait...Mushu's a guy...who was that female he guarded in that one Disney movie...the one that's got a live action remake set for 2018...the female half of my first Disney Designer Doll set...of course...GRANDMA! JK, It's totally Mulan right? The one who called Jack a "punk" and whom he said he'd have to remember to thank if he ever saw her again? Looks like he'll be getting his chance soon enough!

It also looks like Jack will get to meet his new favorite person! BUNNY! Lol, though I'm sure Aster will be even more thrilled to meet Jack! Can not wait to see how that meeting's going to go! Jack, the rest of the ghosts, the ex-Valkyries, and the Guardians all together! It should be fun! ...Is Jafar the spy? Because he could have easily declared the Valkyries and Ghosts to be still alive or the investigation as inconclusive. He also could have pushed Elsa harder when it came to her pill case and what it contained, but he seems to be more content with gathering and storing information then reporting any possible suspicions to higher ups in Unity. Also, he's the only other person besides Hans and Kowalski that seems to be getting a boost in rank from Han's assassination plot.
3/3/2017 c50 5Fantasy OH YEA
Well another great chapter but I want to see the SHIP! JELSA! Yet it was still a great chapter and I knew Slut Mc Slut was bad news from the start. I also can't wait for the Guardian Ghost team up. So yeah I believe in you keep up the good work!
3/3/2017 c50 mellowfluffyangel
AAAAAAH! I'm so excited! Congratulations of finishing Book 1 of your wonderful masterpiece. Amazing work! Hans is still an arsehole. No surprise. But omg! Bunny! Nicholas! Thiana! Sandy! Aaaah I'm so excited that I'm giddy with joy.
3/3/2017 c50 kimbycup
MULAAAAAAAAAN! YES! As soon as Shang was mentioned, I had hope. That also ties in the unanswered question of what happened to her since Jack had been so vague every time he brought her up. These post-credit scenes (the second one especially) gave me chills. Mulan may have only had a few lines but I got major flashbacks of her character in the actual movie from her confidence and straightforwardness. Great job as always! I'm also glad the Guardians make their appearance, I was wondering about them.
One question though, where is Kowalski from? Whenever I look it up I get the plane character from the movie Planes, Jan Kowalski. Is that who the character is based off of?
Your stories always blow me away. I hope you have a wonderful well-deserved break and I look forward to the next book. In the meantime I may go back and reread this one to keep up to date when the next book is posted and also to pick up any other foreshadowing details you may have dropped haha

Until next time!
3/3/2017 c50 5Fyrearth
Mulan and the Guardians are finally here! It's time to get down to business and defeat some Huns! OK, excitement is all out. I eagerly await the next chapter.
3/3/2017 c50 4Ghost Angel14
To anybody who actually read the story, yeah it's pretty dang obvious.
But still, the hype is real!
3/3/2017 c50 SMr. Freeze
Been a pleasure reading this story and I eagerly await for the next one.
3/3/2017 c50 2Lightningpanda
It's MULAN! She's alive! Oh, I can't wait for the sequel! XD
3/3/2017 c50 12snowfire12345
Mulan is alive. MULAN IS ALIVE! Yes! This is going to be awesome!
3/2/2017 c49 Waguneru
Interesting way to end the first book, when Astrid plan to take a friend with her to meet the ghost i think it was gonna be a human but now let just say that Toothless will a new mate. My favorite part was the past of Hiccup and the story about how he loose his leg.

The reaction of the ghosts about the x-valkyries. When they let them know about their powers could be alittle more anger or they could have show more feelings, but aside that i have to admit that melt my heart how Jack ended trying to help Elsa and comfort her in order to fulfill his promise to be a good uncle, friend and give a chance to the valkyries to Neve and Anna.

So this means that the next book could start from the aweakening of Elsas powers, but dont lnpw what to think cause when one would think whats gonna happen, you always show a card you have under your sleeve and I love that.

Also lets remind thats left what gonna happen with Flynt and Kristoff? The acension of Hans to Supreme Commander and his battle to be the mext Unifier. The situation of the abnormarls amd the Alliance. If the unitys helicarrier will be produce in industrial scale. Plus how the ghost will continue their battle to freedom and justice and how will they continue conecting each other.

Thank ypu alot for your stories, cant wait to read about the next book and your old amd mew personal projects. As always my friend wish you the best of lucks and give you a warm hugh amd really hope to...
Read you later.
3/2/2017 c48 1HopelessRomantic183
Lol, sorry, lost control of my computer there for a moment and ended up accidentally sending my review for chapter 49 prematurely! It should have read something like:

Okay, so when we return Elsa will now have completed her bloom, but one thing still gnaws at me! Aurora said that Jack hasn't completed his yet right? Which is probably why he has brown and not blue eyes, but does that mean he'll also have to eventually complete his own bloom eventually as well? He has been using his powers instead of keeping them suppressed like Elsa was, so that'll probably work in his favor, but we now know just how dangerous an uncompleted bloom can be to a person. Will Jack and Elsa find themselves, once again, locked up in a room together, but this time with Jack suffering from a ?partial? tower rebuild, or was Jack's own bloom completed enough to the point where he won't have to worry about finishing it? -PS: I am kinda finding it ironic that the two powerful team leaders in this story were also the only two with partially completed blooming events, leaving the door open to the possibility that they will each be able to grow even stronger after finally completing said blooms.

Other than that, I think this was a brilliant way to end the chapter, with the two people who have been long time enemy's now cuddled in each other arms! I also like the contrast between Elsa's first blooming event and this one! When she needed her boyfriend, someone who was supposedly in love with her, most during her first blooming he was quick to abandon her in her moment of need and now during her second, Jack, someone she's considered an enemy for so long, is actually going to be there for her throughout the whole painful ordeal! I am definitely looking forward to those three post credit chapters, as well as the next two books in general, but until then, I wish you a well deserved month of rest! You definitely deserve it after this amazing story! :-)
3/2/2017 c49 HopelessRomantic183
Okay, so, come next book, Elsa will have finally completed her bloom, but something Aurora said still kinda gnaws at me! Elsa will complete hers, but Jack has, apparently, not completed his...? I know he said he was apparently dead for his own bloom, falling into a frozen lake might do that to you, but he must have progressed farther than Elsa's did for him to still be able to use his powers and supposedly not be affected by not finished said bloom...right?
2/27/2017 c49 13SharKohen
I'm highly amused by your notion of a tiny ship being a paddletboat. It makes perfect sense, of course, but still...the image...it's just too funny.
Well, this was a chapter full of tempers and lots and lots of reveals. I have to admit that I didn't expect it to go down like this, but now that it's finally out of the way ...YAY. More fun stuff to venture into. Whoo-hoo.
While, this story has been around for sometimes, hasn't it? There are few stories left in this fandom with the dedication to develop the world, the characters, the plot as well as you have. I would hope to see the conclusion some time in the future, but I totally understand that with stories like this, it can take a lot out of you.
That said, with this book drawing to a close, I just to like to list some of my favorite moments. Forgive me if my memories are a little iffy - it's been a while. To other people who haven't read this story, SPOILER ALERT:
Anna and Elsa discovering that each other to be on the opposite sides.
Jack and Flynn/Eugene bonding moments - especially that one where they were on a train or something (been a while since I've read that...not sure if I was just seeing things.)
Fighting the weird spider creature in that place that Toothless was made - that was awesome.
Anna and Kristoff's wedding. That chapter was actually really sweet.
Pitch and Hiro - I can't get over how well those two work off each other.
And, well, Hans...everything. This Hans is pretty awesome.
All in all, thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us. All the best for the next part as well as any future endeavors.
2/25/2017 c49 6Allucia Iveris
What a beautiful ending. I read it twice cos it made me all fluttery.
Can't wait for the next book. Agreed with 'Guest' though, you should totally bring this story to a publisher.
2/23/2017 c49 Guest
I loved it! I want more Elsa and Jack are having a moment
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