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4/26 c22 2Meganp
I’m in awe and happy about 2 things:

1) This is a rather new story, since most fics are from the same time the show was on air.
2) This is an Augnie fic, the best couple ever!

Pleeeeease tell me you intend to finish it! Pretty please?
2/18/2017 c22 18eternalnight8806
Oh man it's been a while since I've been able to read any fanfic and I've missed it! I'm sad you haven't updated this one in a while! I look forward to seeing where you take this story!
1/11/2017 c22 3Amiliana
I love your story, i never thought of Annie as blind before and I love it, it is amazing and exciting. You have a beautiful style. I truly hope you will find the motivation and time to continue this story. I would love to find out wjo is following them and whether Annie will take the CIA job and how she and Auggie will get closer or maybe not ? Thank you very much for this jorney. Yours Kathie

P.S. Please give us soom more AA :))
12/18/2016 c22 30StarlightNinjaThief
please continue!
10/3/2016 c11 4mfaerie32
She would not be eating mashed potatoes or chicken after 6 days of not food. She would be on broth for a day or two & then worked up to soft food. She wouldn't be able to digest the chicken properly & she'd just throw it up. I do wish she'd call him Auggie though. ( August seems so serious. Lol.
9/21/2016 c22 151cinderella9056
great chapter
want more so
please update soon
love this story
9/21/2016 c21 cinderella9056
great story
glad you are writing it
9/21/2016 c20 cinderella9056
I didn't see that coming
great job
9/21/2016 c19 cinderella9056
oh my love it
9/21/2016 c18 cinderella9056
great chapter
Panic attacks are hard to deal with
I have them sometimes and they are scary
9/21/2016 c17 cinderella9056
oh no sleeping pill and Joan coming love it
love the talk between Auggie and Annie
can't wait to read more
9/21/2016 c16 cinderella9056
love it glad they are going to talk
9/21/2016 c15 cinderella9056
another great chapter
thank you
I am really loving this story
glad I found it
9/21/2016 c14 cinderella9056
great chapter
love Covert Affairs
9/21/2016 c13 cinderella9056
I'm glad that Auggie knows the truth about what happened to Annie
great writing
love this story
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