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for High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei

10/6/2020 c81 Guest
Please upload the next chapter as soon as possible please.
10/6/2020 c5 HighBob
Wow 81 chapters to read, and I already want to drop this at chapter 5.
I mean this just DxD canon without Issei, but MC with Naruto's talk no jutsu.
9/22/2020 c81 Guest
Please update soon.
9/15/2020 c40 5Sultan Asil Arslan
9/15/2020 c79 22TheRagFromTheCrag
honestly I stopped paying attention to this particular chunk of the story ages ago, I am deeply disappointed we didn't get to see the strategy sesh of Sona, but otherwise it's mildly okay
9/15/2020 c76 TheRagFromTheCrag
you'd think Serafall was mad about something to do with Sona
9/15/2020 c70 TheRagFromTheCrag
always liked Shem, but must admit to liking Baraqiuel more
9/14/2020 c17 TheRagFromTheCrag
Balba? It's actually Valper
9/8/2020 c81 Hady09
i'm glad that u decide to answer my review.
atleast u understand enough to answer mine unlike other author.
maybe i'm bit bias against issei since while i like harem one, i hate his character a bit, mostly absurd power up through the story if u read the novel.
ur story to be honest already fine in my opinion, just don't make it similar to canon for this example absurd power up without train to gain that power.
while i feel like michael ur oc can do more than issei, i hope u can at least give him different power or maybe make boosted gear into sub species one, because in canon azazel told issei to think about sub species and maybe make one, so in this case sacred gear can be made to change from regular one to sub species one.
anyway keep good work and be mindful when u going out because covid 19.
9/5/2020 c81 Guest
Sad there's no new chapter yet,but I'm happy nonetheless for the update gave us, and i thank you for it. Hope eveything goes well for you in school and you stay safe and healthy. God blessy friend.
9/5/2020 c81 4Libertad the Second
Thank you for your response.

Well, I may have gotten the daughter's mother, wrong, and seems like the daughter may have been Tsubaki's then but seems like you have some more plans for Saji's harem that you are keeping up to wraps, even if you did say that is a work in progress, if this is a daughter of someone that has the same aura as that of Sona, at least based on Saji's POV. I can't remember the details but seems like that the daughter's room is kind of... princess-like and pinkish? That's why I assumed that she's Sona's daughter. At least though I am sure that you are pairing Saji with Sona, Tsubaki, Momo and Ruruko... and that daughter's mother if it is not one of the other three (since you already counted Sona out).

And seems you've updated your TVtropes page lately and also I've discovered that 1 fandom page
about Michael.

Looks like you have some stuff ready for the Diodora arc that is going to be a lot more violent and extreme than the canon version in order to assist with Michael's transformation. It's a bit sad that you are going to not diverge much from canon in regards to Diodora's peerage since I understand that this could be something that will make you diverge a lot from the DxD canon template from which most DxD stories based themselves and it will ask for more effort from your part than what is necessary in your plans for Michael's development. Hopeful that somehow, Saji can fill up in what Michael cannot do in this regression of his during the arc and that Saji, or Shirou, can assist in this very disgusting portion of DxD, for me. But that's probably wishful thinking for now.

Nevertheless, I just wish you the best in school and keep safe out there.
9/4/2020 c81 2ahmeddmotazz
I understand where you're coming from, my dude. I have my own fanfiction, and it's tough keeping up with school work whilst doing this. If you need, take a break to not over exhaust yourself from work
9/4/2020 c81 ZirioAkatsuki
Thank ylu for noticing and replying to me! Also I say your story's awesime cause it is!
Please keep ul the good work and make more!

Also: I was actually hoping it was a new chap but oh well
8/30/2020 c80 Guest
why do I feel like saji and tsubaki are going to do it?
8/27/2020 c26 RedTokyo95
Was the reason you picked Michael was because of this situation? If i was for this situation, color me proud for making it.
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