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for High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei

8/4/2020 c80 ZirioAkatsuki
I really like the Saji x Tsubaki parts.

Can you try doing the DxD specials?
Especially the Udon moment
Please put Saji on the Udon moment
I want Tsubaki to feed him Udon like how she fed Issei from The Powerful Ones fanfic

I hope you consider this. Thank you for being awesome
8/4/2020 c6 XxKoteixX
Ésta es la manera más decepcionante y estúpida que he leido en toda mi vida sobre como convertir a tu personaje principal en un demonio.
Esto no es por que odie tu trabajo, pero creo que fue una manera muy pobre de desarrollarlo.
PD: Esto es mi sinceridad y lamento si te he ofendido pero es que me dejaste anonadado con la forma tan lamentable de convertir a tu personaje en demonio
PD2: Michael es MUY pesado aveces
PD3: La comedia es muy pesada pero entiendo que es tu propia concepcion de ésta y al mismo tiempo la comedia es subjetiva
PD4: No se si eres novato pero espero que con el tiempo vayas mejorando con la acumulación de experiencia


This is the most disappointing and stupid way I've ever read in my entire life on how to turn your main character into a demon.
This is not because I hate your job, but I think it was a very poor way of developing it.
PD1: This is my sincerity and I am sorry if I have offended you but it is that you left me stunned with the unfortunate way of turning your character into a demon
PD2: Michael is VERY heavy sometimes
PD3: Comedy is very heavy but I understand that it is your own conception of it and at the same time comedy is subjective
PD4: I do not know if you are a novice but I hope that over time you will improve with the accumulation of experience
8/4/2020 c80 4Libertad the Second
Damn. I've always known that Sona will fall in love and make babies with Saji in this story. It's been foreshadowed way back in that 10 year future time travel cannon filler story thing and Saji interacting for a while with his future daughter with Sona. And Future Saji almost calling Tsubaki "Tsu-tan".

In the canon story though, Momo falling in love with Saji only started in this Rating Game. So I imagine that this is where you can insert the other Student Council girls like Reya, Tsubasa and Meguri in the equation. I am not sure about your plans with them.

And since you have a soft spot for Saji in this story, I figured you may have more plans in putting more into a dual protagonist role and also giving him more of a harem beyond the Student Council girls.

And I am hopeful that you have something for Diodora's girls and freeing them (which will make you change the flow of the story into a less cannon flow though to be honest). There are stories around on this site that gave them a better fate and brought them over to Kuoh. I can PM you those stories, actually you can find them in my own favorites. Not necessarily bringing them to the Saji harem or Hanamura harem, either. As for who they are in appearance, just refer to the Episode 8 of Born! (though the pawns are in their naked glory and we don't have any background on the Knights because Freed killed them) so you have to make them up. It may took a lot out of you, though, if they are not going to be relevant to the story. I just have a soft spot on them because I abhor what happened to them and in this battle harem romcom environment, I want them to have a better fate.

So Saji's harem now: Sona, Tsubaki, Momo, Ruruko (who I am sure wouldn't fall out of love here unlike the cannon now, which I am increasingly dislike more and more volume after volume)

Try to experiment more in pushing the story in a less cannon direction, if you can.

That's all. This story is one of the few stories around that Saji is fleshed out and is a better character, overall. Saji is more of the B Plot here but I am looking forward to him more.
8/3/2020 c35 Guest
8/3/2020 c2 Nibba
What's with the English name all of a sudden are there suddenly an excess of foreign classmates here? Hell is the MC half foreign?
8/2/2020 c80 D4C
Saji becoming eligible for promotion doesn't make much sense, especially when you consider how difficult it is to receive one and how small the number of Devils that rise is. Regardless of his performance, this was still a single Rating Game, which is far from enough to judge whether he's adequate enough to rise in the ranks. The praise from the two Gods is good and all, but that shouldn't mean anything in the Underworld's internal politics, which is dominated by traditionalist nobles that would oppose such a swift rise with so few exploits. All in all, it comes across as author favoritism in the end despite your claims to the contrary.
8/2/2020 c2 drkprince
his name is issei hyoduou..
8/2/2020 c80 Hady09
yeah i feel disappointed about this, to be honest the similarity with issei it's too much, no i might said that this sekiryuutei is weakling, much weaker than issei which i myself found issei not that much stronger until youth gathering arc
8/1/2020 c80 Guest
Next we need to see the aftermath for rias and her peerage. So get the next chapter our as soon as you possibly can please.
8/1/2020 c80 Guest
Thank you very much for the update. Really needed this.
8/1/2020 c80 Guest
Nicely done. Wonder who that "custodian" was though? Hope we find out next chapter.
7/24/2020 c68 Kamen Rider W
I’m really glad that we got more about the Celtic Village because I want to know why it is such a huge secret and I want know about Michael’s family since I can tell that Kai is his step brother and maybe the Hunter being his dad (I’m guessing) so it’s good to learn more about it. I hope that someday we get the truth around his family and why is it such a big deal
7/11/2020 c79 Kamen Rider W
I hope it will be explain how Michael got retired from the battle and I like how u gave Rias a mode that doesn’t entirely around on the boosted gear
7/8/2020 c6 jcheriscar
That was kind of stupid how he became a devil I don't heave that smart but come on
7/7/2020 c79 Chaoseater2010
So worth all the waiting. :)
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