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11/30/2018 c1 2randomfandomboredom
4/13/2017 c1 2popcherrypop
This one... it was... it was... so heartbreaking at the beginning.
Because anyone could sense that Lovi took the decision in love... He married him because HIM, Antonio.
Not anyone else.
Beautiful written, well portrayed, it really broke my heart.
11/3/2016 c1 6Fiocchi10
Why am I crying so much! You shattered my heart~ Oh the feels :")
7/11/2016 c1 8Sleepwalker48

Oh oh oh oh oh oh.

My heartstrings. You yanked them out. Give them back, please.

This was good. Simple yet well done. Beautifully paced. I thought that with repetition each of Spain's declarations would grow tired. But then it was said in a different light when Romano got injured and then-

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!

I LOVED this. Thanks for posting!
6/3/2016 c1 Blueart
I found your fic on youtube on the comment section below while watching some amv of spamano (favorite couple!) And i have to say that this fic almost made me cry and it has so much feels to it but at the same time i love it and i thank you for writng such wonderful fic :)
2/23/2016 c1 2Adorable Reader
This is like, the tenth time I've read this and it still makes my heart melt. Forever in love with this story
7/3/2015 c1 yishayzaccharo
I love the way you write, Jesus! It's simply wonderful how you tell an amazing story with beautiful words...
Wonderful shot. You are amazing!
6/12/2015 c1 1xxuuuxxx
oh my goodness
this was so realistic and jkshlauirkj i just love how spain just gradually fell in love with romano over the course of them being married, the storyline is perfect and spain's being in love with veneziano was so believable!
5/13/2015 c1 Unbridled-Dolly
Ahhhh, that was so sad and beautiful and well-written and incredible, and I'm just squealing in my little corner over here, because that was honestly probably one of the best SpaMano fics I've ever read and... yeah, you get the point. That was really, really good.
4/7/2015 c1 2Jenna Jean
You did a fabulous job writing this. Thank you so much for posting this; it made my heart melt.
3/30/2015 c1 taciturnMasquerade
I. Am. In. Love. With. This. Fanfic. It was so cute yet also so heartwrenching and AGH! It's just too much amazingness to put into actual words! CX I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!
3/21/2015 c1 7Scarlett Wallflower
Wow, great job. It was really interesting to see a story where Spain is actually in love with Italy and it's not just Romano's imagination.
3/12/2015 c1 6Riza Phantomhive
I love this! (**) But a part of me kinda wanted that an alternate ending. Yanno, something like Romano will fall out of love w/ Spain while Spain was eventually falling in love w/ Roma. Then Spain would realize that he's in love with Romano but its toi late hohoho. I'm a big fan of angst soooo yeaaa.

Keep up the good work!
3/10/2015 c1 2Aurora Aviana Borealis
Well... that was a nice little feels trip. ;-; But that was an amazing story, I really like it a lot! The development of Spain's "te amo's" throughout the story just GOT TO ME. UGH. Great job!
3/7/2015 c1 3skouratapramata
Lovely! Spain's transition is described so well!
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