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5/8 c17 Degg
Henfjfkfkdkfkdmkdkdkd ahhh a cliffie, but dude I'm so excited
3/6 c11 PonderPanda
Ara ara~ Love is blooming!
3/6 c4 PonderPanda
3/6 c2 PonderPanda
Cute boy moe~
1/20 c17 rav.'.mar
Alright, I'm three years late, but this is fine—
The relation between Kyoya and Shiro is interesting. I'm not sure if this is common, but they have this love-hate relationship and it's kind of funny...
Anyways, thank you for writing, and I hope you're alright and safe!
10/20/2020 c16 2Ghostisreading

I have apparently already commented on the latest chapter so i'm sticking my comment on this one

Stay safe!
9/9/2020 c17 lemon
I wish people would at least give a reason for stopping writing even if it is just, 'I lost motivation' or 'I am too busy'. Too many writers just drop of the planet. It would be nice to know they are still doing well.
8/7/2020 c14 Eragon135790
why isnt mc traying to train his flames he knows of flames after all.
8/7/2020 c13 Eragon135790
blackmail material only works if you let yourself be affected by it so why does mc let it get to himself if he would just accept it nobody could use it against him.
8/7/2020 c8 Eragon135790
why is mc(basically every reincarnated one too) so nice to everyone even if he doesnt like them he should just play hibari and beat the anoying kids(yamato and extreme gay(i cant recall his name right now))
8/7/2020 c3 Eragon135790
i hope it will develope into mc x tsuna tsuna is just so adorable.
8/7/2020 c2 Eragon135790
i hope mc now starts training after all he knows this world has superpowers and therefor it would be usefull to be able to fight.
2/28/2020 c7 nyxnavy
I've never read a fan fiction where India is mentioned.
1/21/2020 c17 Ghostisreading
LOVE IT! I hope you decide to continue it!
1/4/2020 c17 1Anaresia Lenalia
would you ever update?
please update!
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