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for A Sith in Jedi Robes

10/12 c11 Bonhamrules
I love this story! I have read a lot of your other stories, your
very good at telling a story, keep up all the good work!
10/12 c11 2Yumi Edogawa
Thanks for the surprise update!
10/12 c11 Ky111
Great chapter, always imagined Sidious would be a sore loser so I find him holding a grudge very believable (hell the With have been holding a grudge against the Jedi for thousands of years).

Until the next one.
10/11 c11 MattKennedy
Poor Dorme. :( I'm curious how the Clones will be 'discovered.' :)
10/11 c11 Jostanos
It has been awhile since this was updated, however I am glad it has been now, Sci. Thank you.

This chapter was a joy to read, my friend, and one Obi-Wan Kenobi quote came to mind after I started reading it: "Hello there."
10/11 c11 19JBubbles
Omg! I remeeeeeember this fic! *hearts*

I'm kind of shocked things are already so violent and more dangerous looking! I particularly like how it wasn't only Obi-Wan that became so close to Padmé in this life and that they can maintain a relationship even if it isn't a romantic inclined one.
10/11 c11 MadManWithAHat
YES! Welcome back! Thank you for the chapter! And darn it I've got to go re-read this to remember what's happening and why.
10/11 c11 darkpegasuzz
Like your story, and happy that you posted a new chapter. Keep it up really enjoy this one
10/11 c11 RKF22
Awesome work glad you're back can't wait for more
10/11 c11 35Nightshade's sydneylover150
Awesome chapter!
5/2 c10 1Araytigre
You keep telling yourself that M'Lady, and the Gungans are secretly a Desert Race (from Tatooine no less), lol. Obviously they are not going to be able to meet near as often as they were in the other timeline, but they will take things slow for now. Glad to see how well Ani is doing with All of his Training, and that Sidious has been side lined for now. Particularly as he can no longer implement "Order 66" (even though We know that Obi-Wan changed That), but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have Other plans up his sleeve. Thank You. TTFN
1/19 c10 30Kingsforcedvacation
This is really good. I hope you end up continuing it
1/18 c10 26Lil Lost Lady
Ah, so Anakin does know that Padme and Obi-Wan were together in the alternate timeline, still not sure if he knows any details about his own alternate/future wife though. And yes Padme Obi-Wan is a good 'friend' for sure.
1/18 c9 Lil Lost Lady
So is this version of Anakin going to get some Sith training now that he's in the know? And did he tell him who he was married to and had kids with? Also, it's unclear if he only mentioned Anakin's future/alternate family or his own as well?
1/18 c8 Lil Lost Lady
Palpatine's disappearance might not be for the best as now Obi-Wan has no idea what his next plans are though at least he seems to have the clone problem under control. The ending of this chapter has me wondering if Anakin will still have a crush on Padme when they meet again as this time Obi-Wan didn't tell him about them.
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