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2/4 c38 1hope79
but i also think that people deserve second chances
nora didn't fully apologize but at least patch could acknowledge that she's trying again?
and maybe point out to her what she did wrong and try to make her understand and not be ableist?
instead of shutting her down completely?
nora was a dick, but i don't think she was a complete dick

great chapter
you made patch sound so hot ugh
2/4 c37 hope79
i liked this but i also wish there was something more (i'm not sure what exactly but the story kinda felt empty and incomplete - maybe that's just what comes w/ the text format)
2/4 c36 hope79
i'm sorry how was this adorable this was heartbreaking *insert crying emoji*

but the beginning was adorable, yes

i haven't been on this site in a while, and i had the sudden inclination to read your stories again, and now i'm in love with your writing all over again, ugh you're absolutely gifted!

this really hit hard
10/28/2019 c44 SomeoneOutThere
I have to say, out of all of your one-shots, this is my favorite one.
9/2/2018 c1 sLDYA
Veri n1c3KFwst0rikv
7/9/2017 c46 Guest
Maybe they could meet at a house party and Patch sees Nora be harassed and helps her out
7/9/2017 c46 Guest
I live these! Please update soon
7/3/2017 c46 hope79
thanks for doing my suggestion and for the s/o!

you're really good at putting a spin on all of our suggestions - you make it really original, and to be honest, a little creepy (but we all love it haha)

but dude you've got to make a cute story next time (it's probably not gonna be as interesting for you, but we're all dying for some Natch cuteness ya know?)
7/3/2017 c46 KrissyAD
liked this one alot. loved your other one-shots too! plz update
7/1/2017 c42 hope79
yes, exactly, why does patch always have to die?

gosh, this was sad

but still good


1. they have a fight...but in the end, one of them comes to compromise and they love each other once more yay
2. they're dating and stuff...and then she's raped and/or beaten...his reaction
3. patch nora don't know each other...nora dies...and everywhere patch goes, he keeps seeing her face/is being reminded of her...but he has no idea who that girl is (or switched roles, whatevs)
7/1/2017 c45 hope79
Wow, it's been a long time since I've read your stories (I've been so busy). And I'm happy to say that they are still SUPER AWESOME IF NOT MORE!

This was the first one I decided to check out, and woooow...your writing is so clean-cut and the actual plot - wow.

Awesome job, dude!
5/30/2017 c44 Guest
Yay you updated! So good!
5/29/2017 c44 KrissyAD
that one was very intense. i really liked it
5/28/2017 c43 Dxoxo
That was SO sad. Can you do one where it's all perfect: they meet fall in love, get married, have kids. Or one about their kids when they're like 14?
3/12/2017 c41 Nadess
H-hey... y-you d-don't m-mean p-p-patch is *choke* d-d-d-d-dead...?
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