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7/25/2016 c8 Wayne mann14
I love the story and keep writing stuff like this for shiki
3/2/2016 c100 13Xavier Rall
This is truly a masterwork in the annals of fanfiction. It is a crying shame that more don't read it.
2/28/2016 c1 gumareegant
Please update! I really can't waiting for next chapter. /smile/
2/17/2016 c44 Guest
Wow this is an awesome continuation of shiki. You got a talent for writing a story with new and old characters and make the story still interesting with its sudden plot twists. Congrats and keep up the good work
2/7/2016 c101 Xavier Rall
Just finished this. It is a very well done story, with great characters and stories and deep philosophical themes that most fanfictions don't explore as thoroughly. This is truly a work deserving of greater attention and love, as it is simply brilliant.
1/5/2016 c101 2Anie92
Hi! Thanks for writing the story. I really enjoyed it and couldn't wait for new chapters. :) I hope we can see more Shiki (MegumiXNatsuno) stories from you.
1/4/2016 c101 5omniXenderman
i like the themes, i personally believe any tragedy or sin can be worked through. no despair is so black that there is no escape, and i think natsuno and megumi will be happy in the end...sure they may have haunting memories, but begrudgingly, they do have eachother. im not sure your opinion on the matter but ive always worked with the assertion that shiki dont need to kill they just need blood. but i think they will be happy. it might take a while but natsuno and megumi...and any shiki in the end, can find happiness
12/20/2015 c71 TM-IDC
Awwww that little moment. It was so cute. I just had to go back to that chapter. I'm just imagining it. Awwwwww. Please keep up this cute amazing moments. It felt like the right moment to place it aside from all the other dramatic moments. I just love this so far. Im not sure if I should go back to review every chapter...I loved every chapter. I still do but If it encourages you too write indeed I shall.
12/18/2015 c98 TM-IDC
Oh thank goodness u didnt end it. I really enjoyed this story. Read all if it in one day. It was too addictive to read I could not resist.
12/18/2015 c98 omniXenderman
its been one hell of a ride, and megumi didnt die. even if the ending is bitter, at least megumi didnt die. thats all i wanted. i loved this story alot and i feel like it helped fill the void shiki carved into my soul. damn...i wish i had better words to describe the feeling lol thank you for writing such a good end to shiki
11/27/2015 c93 StrattyPlus
Not a fan of this Chapter. For starters, Megumi says that she didn't want to be around the villagers and that they were stupid; immediately into the next paragraph, she describes Kaori as "so stupid, I didn't want to be around her". That's just repetitive description right there.

The Line break leads into some kind of reflection from someone's point of view (Who's? I have no idea). You really are relentless in painting the villagers in the darkest shade of black possible. Then again, you seem to be doing that for everyone, like the bystanders, Kaori's classmates, and Megumi's coworkers. It's too much honestly.

Then it all ends off with a detraction from Megumi's character. Her sparing Kaori wasn't out of Natsuno's approval or a spare shred humanity, instead it's a recycling of Natsuno's motivation. "Those judging villagers are out to get me!". I thought she couldn't see them until recently. I know she was wracked with guilt long before now, but she coped and percievrd it differently from Natsuno. It felt like you made this twist for the sake of a theme.
11/22/2015 c23 Guest
Poor Ken
11/11/2015 c90 StrattyPlus
Limerence (also infatuated love) is a state of mind which results from a romantic attraction to another person typically including compulsive thoughts and fantasies and a desire to form or maintain a relationship and have one's feelings reciprocated.

What are trying to convey. A chapter this short means that the content means a lot. Was I right from before? Are you going to kill off Megumi by suicide? Is she going to leave Natsuno? The thing about a lot of tragedies is that they only come into fruition by the characters becoming irrational devices at the mercy of the author. I feel Haru comes close, but if you do that to Megumi at this point without a good reason... I guess it depends on how it's executed, that's if it even happens.
11/7/2015 c88 9RibbieOff
I used to hate Haru but looking at everyone's side of the story I understood why he's like that. I mean it's in our darkest hours that we strive to see even just a little ray of light. He thought that ray of light were Megumi and Natsuno and so he clung to it desperately, strove to keep it there. If we were in our darkest, wouldn't we want to see the light too? I admit he went overboard. But humans tend to do things too much. Depression does that to people, trust me I know.
So I think he at least deserves a happy ending and if not him then Hitomi does. I mean she didn't get enough purpose. Unlike Amber, Amber was like the key to the Syndicate arc and the Fawn Arc, she was practically mentioned almost all throughout the story. The conflict was about Amber dying alone but now that Toma's dead I think she's not so 'alone' anymore. Hitomi wanted to prove the people wrong. She died before she even had the chance to change people's perspective about her. Her character didn't get to develop well enough because it was cut short. I just wanted to see how the story would go if it wasn't cut short. Would Haru still be like that? Could she at least help Haru?
11/7/2015 c88 StrattyPlus
It's official, I fucking loathe Haru. I mean I can understand him. He's only experienced hardships throughout his life, and people were never understanding. It makes sense that he's in denial that the only friends he has are monsters. I can still abhor his sociopathic worldview. Like seriously, if there is no such things as morality then why does he treat like his friends are any better than the people he keeps killing. Selective much.

Another thing, Megumi's feelings towards hers actions aren't really lining up. She confesses to Kaori that she feels terrible and want to die. To Natsuno, she seems like she's past it with her sanity in tact. But here we have Megumi saying she's pleased with killing the villagers. Is she just trying to play the monster that she thinks she is, or are those emotions actually true?
Something also didn't feel right about Natsuno's answer. It sounded like something the villagers would've said. I guess it explains why Natsuno was planning to kill himself with the Shiki, but that makes his death seem more spiteful than reasonable.
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