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11/5/2015 c87 StrattyPlus
Haru wont and shouldn't get a happy ending. End of story. Also, I think you've been purposely putting parallels to Toma and Amber, Haru and Hitome, and Natusuno and Megumi. It all makes sense now. Theyre all so different, but this trichotomy is so telling to Natsu and Megumi's relationship. All of them were never officially a couple, but they guys were heavily reliant on each of their respective partner. Except for Megumi, every female bites the dust. Toma goes down a desperate path to bring Amber back, and Haru has a downward spiral of depression that almost leads to suicide. We don't know what current Natsuno would do if Megumi were to die, or if she were to leave. I think youre gonna touch up on that. I can feel it.
11/5/2015 c87 9RibbieOff
Please tell me that girl is who I think she is. Hitomi?! More Haru x Hitomi..! Harumi! And please don't tell me Haru's dead. He can't be. He needs to end up with Hitomi. Everyone deserves a happy ending, right? Revive Hitomi and get her and Haru together, well that seems like quite the plan.
So Natsuno didn't even have the slightest idea that Megumi kissed him?
11/3/2015 c85 StrattyPlus
Yay! We ran out of plot. Kidding, but now that the monster's have been killed off, all we have now is the aftermath. I like those scenes where idealistic characters get their necessary dose of reality. Haru's probably going to jail, and will refuse to tell anyone about Natsuno and Megumi being shiki. Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to how you write their romantic confrontation. Will it be the last thing we see of this story? I sure hope not. That ain't closure enough. A forgiveness from Kaori and a reunion with Mr. Yuuki AFTER they professed their love would be absolutely hype, or Yuuki talking about his muddled feeling for Megumi to one of them would be even better. God sorry for getting like that, but I'm just so glad that story looks like it will give a good payoff.

Last thing, in your story can a shiki become pregnant? Not like you're going to write about that, I'm just curious is all.
11/2/2015 c85 RibbieOff
More! I desperately need more. Love the chapter but something seems missing. I still hope that there would be a side story about Haru and Hitomi. I ship it! Anyways, I can't wait to read about Natsuno and Megumi. Please update soon... very soon... real soon.
*squeal* He heard the confession? Can't wait to read about what their next interaction would be!
10/31/2015 c84 RibbieOff
Natsuno, you gotta wake up..! The romance is getting better. Please update soon
10/27/2015 c83 RibbieOff
Somehow the chapter feels cliffy or maybe I'm just not used to such short update from this story. I'm curious as to what he said. Please update soooooooon..! A bigger part of me is happy that the OC is finally dead but somehow I ship Haru and Hitomi ever since Chapter 75 and I kept asking myself back then 'what if Hitomi is actually alive and maybe she could help pull back Haru back to reality?'
10/25/2015 c82 4fangs of death
Sad, but good chapter.
10/22/2015 c81 StrattyPlus
You can't tell me that Natsuno didn't play a role in Shimizu giving a pass to Kaori so many times. I see you're being pretty blatant with motivations when they were so ambiguous before. A lot of my hunches have been proven false, but that's one I'm clinging on to until the next chapter (which I imagine is going to delve into Megumi's experiences).
10/22/2015 c81 Guest
Good chapter.
10/22/2015 c81 9RibbieOff
Please update..! The development is astonishing and precise. It's like Natsuno is finally subtly admitting something, subtly for now
10/21/2015 c80 StrattyPlus
This has to be my favorite made sense, the action was vivid, monologues were concise, interactions were tense, there was a lot of deeper meaning to pick apart, and that relation development was so sweet.

I don't even mind the prose, because it gives me all the necessary info, but it explains it vaguely (Convenient since I could've done a better job paying attention). Like good art, I can come up with my own interpretation. Natsu and Megumi finally meets the jury and, while they're not innocent like Haru keeps insisting, they don't have to be punished for their sins. They've done enough, and they can finally move on . . . together, and it feels so weird writing that.
10/21/2015 c80 RibbieOff
Please update. Woke up at 1:00 to check if this has a new chapter to find none
10/20/2015 c80 4fangs of death
Good. Looking forward to the next one.
10/20/2015 c80 14Cerulean's Skies
Oh it's getting more exciting chapter by chapter! Please don't stop now, please update~ KYYYYYYYAAAAAA! Megumi X Natsuno!
"It was that bliss that scared the villagers away, that ignorance that kept Tooru in the dark. And he couldn't afford to let her sanity die. He needed that beauty to remain untarnished,
if only for the sake of his own, torrential madness.
He needed Shimizu."
Best part eveer!
10/19/2015 c79 9RibbieOff
Please update... I wanna know what happens next..!
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