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10/16/2015 c78 9RibbieOff
Ohh~ the excitement. I'm looking forward to what will happen next..! Please update
10/13/2015 c78 4fangs of death
good chapter.
10/10/2015 c1 Kei
Please update real soon...
10/7/2015 c76 Guest
I didn't think I would actually find such a good and lengthy fanfiction for Shiki since its sort of an underrated anime. I love your fic and I had been hooked on it for days. I read it whenever I had time. Now that I finally reach the latest updated chapter I'm not sure what to feel because it feels like I lost a purpose in life again. Haha typical me with books. I hope you update soon. I look forward to it. I didn't think I'd be such a sucker for Natsuno and Megumi too.
10/7/2015 c76 14Cerulean's Skies
I like the way Megumi and Natsuno are depicted, the way they hang on to each other for salvation but they're not completely aware that they're actually starting to depend on each other. It makes me really look forward for the time that they'll finally realize it.
10/5/2015 c76 StrattyPlus
Now I'm curious as to what the endgame is here. Made me realize how many writing opportunities there still are. Tatsumi has yet to show up, Natsuno still hasnt visited his father, Kaori needs to tell everyone about what she knows, the monsters are going to eventually die, Megumi's gonna make amends with Kaori, and of course the romance. I feel like Haru is going to die in some kind of "We're all monsters now, right guys?" kind of way. Like he does something awful and Natsuno and Megumi take it upon themselves to do everyone a favor, and kill the monster they helped created. I wouldn't mind if the romance climaxes after the plot climaxes. Like 5 or so aftermath chapters would be great, and seems to fit your style.
10/3/2015 c75 9RibbieOff
Honestly, I think Natsuno held some (sorta) feelings for Megumi. I mean, seriously, even when the girl was dead, can't he just stop thinking about her? Yeah, I know, his senses told him someone was watching him but Megumi was dead, couldn't he just assume it was someone else watching him instead? Megumi was the first person he suspected of watching him.
Sorry, I'm rambling. But anyways, Haru is simply sick and twisted. I'm expecting of more Natsuno X Megumi in the next chapter.
9/30/2015 c74 StrattyPlus
Yay 100 reviews! I have something I noticed. The way you were describing the forest was so verbose and complicated that I couldn't understand any of it. Also the Kaori sections are hella boring. Also Natsuno and Megumi's relationship feels like there was a skip in between 'One sided tension fest' and 'Casual friends who depend on each other'. This can be patched up via flashbacks or more emphasis on developing their relationship from here on out. The pacing really is all over the place. I guess that makes these recent chapters all the better because they can be so punchy and straightforward compared to prior chapters. I'm only being critical to help you improve. This story is good and you have a lot of talent, but both of those things can be improved.
9/30/2015 c74 RibbieOff
More Megumi X Natsuno..! I just love these two and the development between them. Take your time, slow burn romance is always a good option :) .
I hate Haru! I disliked him before but now I just absolutely hate him.
But I'm guessing there would be some kind of backstory for him anytime soon. One that would explain why Haru's such a jerk and make us hate him less
9/28/2015 c72 AnonShipper
I love you for this! Keep up the amazing work! Take your time, and I will wait for every chapter you post.
9/27/2015 c71 StrattyPlus
This story is really good when it's not being so vague. I mean prior to now the details have been really anemic, but suddenly we get Haru's death camp for his friends, and Toma being more humanized and sympathetic. Oh god that MegumixNatsuno bit. Didn't Natsuno send Kaori off to die when he arranged that meeting with Megumi. Guess not. I certainly didn't expect Natsuno allowing Megumi to act all friendly around her and I guess neither did her, so this works fine. Remember tho, just because it took us 70 chaps to get to this point, doesn't mean that it still can't be rushed. No one would mind if you took your time to develop this aspect that honestly convinced them into reading it.
9/27/2015 c70 StrattyPlus
Alright Alright. I'm gonna give you this one. That was a well done chapter that had no mention of Natsuno or Megumi. Now I have to wait and see what the hell this means for Toma. Why does he want to kill Natsuno and Megumi? Why did he let the experiments on Amber go on? How far into madness is he? What is he after? I have theories, but I don't want to ramble.
9/27/2015 c72 RibbieOff
Yush! More Natsuno X Megumi moments! Please keep this up! Loved the last part. A blushing Natsuno.
"And besides, you're handsome, so you need the right look."
I loved how casual Megumi sounded. Your character development is great too. Please update soon
9/23/2015 c71 5HChen.RavenFeather
This little chapter with Megumi and Natsuno having an almost...normal moment between them was definitely interesting...will Natsuno forgive and forget? And what really happened to the rest of the Shiki in Sotoba-were there survivors such as Tohru and Masao?
9/22/2015 c69 5omniXenderman
i'm actually of the opinion with hutch, i love the megumi and natsuno scenes...but even since the beginning of the story i don't think ive read even a single scene with kaori, she was never an interesting character to begin with, always annoying and clingy, and i mean ,this story is starting to get too long, you do the reseach and syboism absolutely wonderfully, and the action scenes are top notch, but with so many plot details i'm starting to swim, if you ever publish this i would definitely shave off the excess
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