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for Hermione's Brilliant Idea

Simply Fantastic.
5/17 c3 Rune Tobor
Good Point about house elves and scabbers.

Rowling just jumbled any ideas she thought of into her story WITHOUT thinking things through!

Joss (JERKHEAD) Wheldon did the same with his tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
5/8 c10 snoopythepenguin
LMAO spam reminds me of another fic where they turned death eaters into human spam cubes
5/6 c3 1bevjo
To your question, I've noticed she contradicts herself a lot in the books. A LOT!
4/25 c14 Rune Tobor
In this story you do two things I wish James and Lily had done.

Run away from a country that does not deserve loyalty.

And leave said country to the "mercy" of its dark lords.
4/25 c9 Rune Tobor
Lupin was a lousy friend to James and Lily.

That he was "the best" DADA professor was easy, the rest were horrors of incompetence.

I fully agree with your portrayal of the animal.
4/25 c6 Rune Tobor
Is magical britain powerful?

No not really, but the ICW seems a paper tiger.
The statute of secretcy was broken by purebloods and death eaters repeatedly.

Malfoy money likely bribed icw into stripping dumbles of his title.
4/25 c3 Rune Tobor
There are too many odd things in Rowlings version of Harry Potter.

I believe she had ideas and just included them without really thinking.

Bad at maths means bad at logical thought and planning.
3/28 c14 Jamie Cooper
Thanx for a great story. I enjoyed so much that I read it 2x.
3/17 c10 22Shinobi Gatana
Moldy shorts eating canned spam is beautiful...
3/8 c14 Jamie Coope
Great .
3/3 c14 JraittM
That was a more bash-y then what I normally read, but I really liked you kept the story focused and how you smoothly showed what was happening back in Britain throughout the story. Also you really had me worried for Harry and Hermione in the last chapter. I'm really happy that you gave them a happy ending, I would have been sad for them if you didn't.
Thanks for writing this!
2/27 c14 E.Elliot
I love it!xD
2/20 c14 FriendlyFire59
That was one heck of a story.
Thanks for posting, it was fun reading your ideas.
2/16 c14 PiBrain
Ok, so this fic was a mixed bag, the storyline was basic, but fun, the writing was pretty good, although the dialogue was occasionally stilted and left you thinking, nobody speaks like that or is that cringe, but overall if anyone is going to read this, I highly suggest skipping most of the scenes featuring Harry and co in Madrid. It's just cringe writing and doesn't really add to the story, it's much more interesting reading about England/Hogwarts reactions to their actions (of which they stop taking once in Madrid, therefore nothing of interest happens there).
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