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3/28 c41 Dawn
An excellent story.
1/2 c41 Guest
Prompt: AU divergence
Terry thinking ahead got permission to do his coursework electronically, meaning good grades and social life despite his now erratic schedule even if he is pitied by others for how much sleep he gets.
Due to Terry actually having a social life it's noticed that Dana has attention and control issues.
9/17/2019 c40 Allta Tayla Femar
Jason is finally here! :) I can’t wait to read his reunion with the Bat family. Should be as memorable as always. XD Jason might not have been there for Jamie, but he tried to give her a chance at a good life. While Valentina just used her as a guinea pig for her own goals. I hope Jamie forms some type of bond with Jason because I have a feeling she could bring out the best in him. Can’t wait to read more!
1/11/2019 c36 shejams
Happy Anniversary BB!

Can’t wait to see how everything plays out, especially now that Ko’s involved. And I’m seriously thinking that Jason is keeping tabs on Jay. That weird feeling she has of being watched... yep, it Jason.
Hopefully we get to see an interaction or at least an introduction between them.

Happy writing!
1/11/2019 c36 jafr86
great chapter, thanks for the update.
10/31/2018 c35 98ZabuzasGirl
Happy halloween!
9/7/2018 c32 shejams
Hey! It's been a while! Sorry for the delay but I didn't even realize you've updated (i thought I had this on alert) and I have more chapters to read. YAY!

Anyway.. Yes... more Max! I love it. I like her "Bruce" to Jamie's Terry. It's good to know that Jamie's not totally alone. And on that note.. I was hoping that it was Terry who helped her out that night with the T's. I really like the idea that she's not as sneaky as she thinks she is and that Dick, Bruce and Terry are not entirely not suspicious. Lol

What do I think will happen when she faces her mother? Victoria seems like a hard nut to crack so I don't have a clue but then again, I can just simply read the next chapter. Lol
What I want to happen is... Jason somehow catches wind of ithe meeting and is there. Or... maybe it was a Jason who helped her.. *squee!* I know, I know... wishful thinking. Lol I had to out that out there.

Favorite part:
"You left without a word. It hurt him. He was in a bad mood all weekend. I don't think you realized how much he liked having you around. He's just a lonely old man. It wouldn't kill you to visit your grandfather. I wish mine lived that close to me," Terry said.

Aww.. of course Bruce was more hurt than angry. She's his his granddaughter and he loves her in his own way. And they were bonding st some point.
So Jamie.. I with Terry: Go visit your gramps! At least before you really get busted!

Love this still. Off to read more! I need to know if I'm right.
6/6/2018 c32 11LivininCorsets
I’m playing catch-up in the comics but I wish they were able to do more with Max in the series
6/3/2018 c31 LivininCorsets
At first with the purple I would have thought Jamie was a love child of Helena Kyle/wane/Bertonelli depending on run and continuity and earth. Gotta love multiverse.

Oooh will Jason show? Will he find out his daughters shenanigans and raise hell. Especally when he finds out his daughter has the potential to become a ticking time bomb with that chip in her. This attention is probably gaining his attention with all that’s going on.

I have to wonder if Zatanna had a grand daughter show up. If the two would get along or. If they would butt heads. I feel like there needs to be a Birds of prey beyond thing going and not just JL and Batman...
3/25/2018 c31 shejams
Wow! You're not kidding!
First things first: Yay! Max knows! (Btw, I totally dug how you incorporated the dialogue from the show. Ah! Brings back pleasant memories.) And I truly got a kick when she said: "Someone has to look out for your reckless ass," She smiled. I hugged her. Lol I mean.. pot, kettle. Lol Max really has no room to talk. Lol

On a serious note now: I'm feeling my parental hackles rise with Jaime. I feel Bruce's and Dick's frustration. If she was one on mine talking to me like that...oooh.. being grounded would be the least of her worries. Lol
But, I'm not totally unsystematic with her situation. I would still do what Dick is doing. Kids! We only realize how inexperienced and emotionally reckless we were when we get older and/or have kids of our own.

Anyway, I'm glad she and Dick sort of made up. Though she should really apologize about his being her father only on paper comment.
Also I'm happy Bruce is still on the job, (Of course he is. He's Batman! :D) and Uncle Dami's helping him.

What is Victoria up go?
And Great judgment call, Dami. I'm not a big fan of capes. Lol
2/25/2018 c30 shejams
"What you did was dangerous, irresponsible, and reckless. You could've gotten caught, or worse, killed."

Yep, definitely the spirit of Robin. It's practically a job requirement, along with smart mouth. She even got grounded like a Robin. Lol

Anyway, I love Cass in this. I just do.

I'm not as angry with Bruce as you are, I think. I mean he could have handled that better for sure, but in his defense, I think it's anger-born-from-worry. With everything's that happened with Terry and the suit, and then Jamie's little adventure, I don't think I would have reacted differently if one of my kids did what she did.
Yeah, she needs hugs but this is a Bruce we're talking about! He cares and worries but is crap at expressing it.

Now, how will Dick react?

Also, I may be reading too much into this, but I'm starting to see similarities between Victoria and Shelia Haywood.
Jason and Jay's biological moms were/are something they weren't expecting.

Looking forward to more.

Oh, PS I meant to mention this last chapter:
Bruce needs to spend more time with the twins. Lol Just saying. :)
2/25/2018 c29 shejams
Uh, oh, Jamie! I cracked up at the line:
"Damn, why can't people be more trusting," I muttered, while picking the lock.
Lol how ironic to be asking that! Lol You're doing exactly why people aren't trusting. Lol

She is so Robin-like in this chapter. Going out on her own, whether Bats (or in her case, Dad), approve or not. The Robins are brave and stubborn that way. (Hope that makes sense as I can't really describe my reasoning lol)

Another favorite part was when Jay said:
I had found a plethora of useful items in the storage room while organizing, many of which made me wonder if Bruce had worked more closely with Catwoman than he let on.

I really love it. Lol it's just another conversation she needs to have with Bruce. I feel if she's acting like a Robin, she deserves to know about Selina (who, in my headcanon, is her pseudo grandma). Lol

Off to read next chapter.
1/28/2018 c28 shejams
OMG! How'd I miss this! I was waiting and waiting for an update and this updated months ago! Smh (Well, in my defense, I'd been mostly visiting the AO3 site. It has some awesome Batman fics on there.)
Sooo... Great chapter (as always). I love how you're incorporating details from episodes. It's really helping with the timeline in relation to the series.
I'm happy too that Jay gets to stay at the Manor. Not only for stability but to help with her detection. I love a good detective story and I think she'll make a proper detective yet. I mean it's in her blood, so to speak. (Bruce raised his kids to be detectives and everyone of them is nosy enough to pull it off. Lol)
Also, if she and Ko want to hire a hacker, I know a gal. A bright pink haired genius who'll no doubt would jump at the chance. And more bonding between the friends; and closure.

Really looking forward to more to see where this is heading. I'll keep a keen eye out.
1/14/2018 c28 8The Keeper of Worlds
Well done, and looking for more!
11/27/2017 c28 98ZabuzasGirl
please follow the episodes more closely!
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