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for Bleached Scorpion

11/18/2015 c1 Guest
Was going to read but ichigo x rukia so no bye
11/19/2015 c7 Therjj
briliant story so far
7/15/2015 c2 ChaosIzanagiNoOokami
great chapter.
7/15/2015 c1 ChaosIzanagiNoOokami
great chapter
7/15/2015 c6 13killercroc
Are we ever gonna see Rangiku or is that just not happening?
6/22/2015 c5 Cyril
From what i've been seem to be making Naruto weak. How on earth did soifon beat naruto?, i can only understand if you say Naruto didn't fight back.
3/9/2015 c1 Mike Tyson
3/11/2015 c1 longshotqb
I like the idea of OC's interacting with existing characters due to the fact that it makes you not know what or how that person will affect the universe due to his unknown personality/plans/connections. As long as that OC doesn't become a Mary Sue and take the spotlight unjustly, with some bull crap reason without a good reason as to why he would have such a power to began with. What I would suggest is that you focus on the OC mainly right now. Give us a reason to care about him and make sure he's interesting enough that he doesn't feel like a third wheel to the story.

I do wonder if Akasuna would be one of Sui-Feng's old teammates in the Stealth Force and knows him from before she became Yoruichi's bodyguard. Sui-Feng's my favorite Captain since she feels like the most realistic and relatable compared to the others, Noble stoic Pride, Mad scientist, prodigy, Blood-Knight, Nice Guy, and Bland super healer exc. I always found her jaded personality and supreme loyalty to the Law to be the most human response. Trying to show how she was superior to her Master after her betrayal and how someone would feel after having their trust shattered. Spite them by being better than anything they ever were. It would take a lot of time to regain that trust so I will be watching this story from the shadows and make sure her personality is not thrown to the wind. For I am the hero deserves, but not the one it needs. For I am the Dark Knight *Covers myself in Shadows to escape detection*

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