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for Snowtuft's Pain

1/24/2016 c12 5Crazy Fennec Fox
You updated! It seems kind of stupid of Eaglestar to make Snowpaw a Moor Runner purely for the sake of establishing dominance.
11/16/2015 c11 WolfyWolfWolf
I love this story! I always wondered how Snowtuft ended up in the Dark Forest. My favourite school subject is...hmmmm...I don't know...maybe...P.E? XD I've got no idea lol
9/24/2015 c11 BRUZ

To be honest, I though Snowpaw went to the dark forest XD and I love your position in putting him as a WindClan cat, he seems to fit that position, and I would rage if he was a ThunderClan cat.
9/26/2015 c8 57WyldClaw
what? with his skill snowpaw should be a tunneler!

why's eaglestar making him a moor runner?
9/26/2015 c7 WyldClaw
I like fernpaw at least she's nice to snow paw unlike owlpaw
9/25/2015 c11 5Crazy Fennec Fox
Ooh... what happened to Snowpaw? I like the alternate ending!
QOTD #1: math and science!
QOTD #2: I have no idea what happened to Snowpaw, but I think Owlpaw will be a-
Mint (my dog): Crazy Fennec Fox, language!
Fennec Fox: I wasn't going to say anything bad!
Mint: sure...

Sorry. That was the conversation between Mint and I. Or my conversation with her, as she can't, you know, talk. Or read.
9/25/2015 c11 5The Fiery Blaze of the Sun
Um..I like English, Maths, Computing, Science, History and PE. Snowpaw has similar pains to Yellowfang and Owlpaw will be an asshole-I mean, be mean-about it.
9/25/2015 c5 57WyldClaw
9/25/2015 c4 WyldClaw
that's sad that red chose to stay a loner instead of join wind clan
9/25/2015 c3 WyldClaw
wow! snowtuft was originally a rogue?
9/25/2015 c2 WyldClaw
ooooooh ! what an awesome prologue
9/19/2015 c10 5Crazy Fennec Fox
QOTD#1: I think it would it awesome if it was well done, though would be exactly as you described it if wasn't. Yes, I think I do want a warriors movie, though I don't want it to squash all the books in one movie. Maybe a tv series would be better.

QOTD#2: You did mention in a previous author's note planning something, although your writing style doesn't make this story sound like it's perfectly planned, every chapter and event. So, my answer is that you planned the basic plotline, and are guiding the story to each checkpoint and just writing down what happens in between each planned event.
9/19/2015 c9 Crazy Fennec Fox
Whoa, really? Do mosquitos really explode? I'm going to try next summer! And by the way, great story!
8/10/2015 c10 4Eltapink
Totally agree with you about movies! And hmmm, I think you slightly plan, but mostly go with it, ALTHOUGH, you did make a character sheet for that one book, so yeah that's my answer. I think you know me... but if you don't remember, I used G'reth for a nickname.
8/10/2015 c10 5The Fiery Blaze of the Sun
A) No. It's just...um...well you know, everyone would watch it, and go crazy. And I feel like warriors is only a place for the TRUE fans.
B) I already have a character. But you seem like the 1am plot twist person.

Glad you had fun.
I'm away in Cornwall. The wifi isn't that good.
But there's loads of fun.

I have a question for you.
Do you like those people who find critism and tell you you have done your story wrong?
I mean, it's fanfiction. Anything can happen!
Till next time,
PS I am currently flicking through the Warriors books, looking for evidence of a cat shrugging.
I know! I'll consult my good friend Google!
I guess they do.
See ya next time my friend.
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