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for Snowtuft's Pain

7/4/2015 c4 1Lavenderpaw1
I like it!
(not very good at complements :( Sorry!)
And for the QOTD, hmmm...
My fav is Hollyleaf (Why, Erin Hunters, why did you have to kill her, why!) and my least fav is probably either Berrynose or Breezepelt
7/4/2015 c4 9DredgenVale
My favorite would be Brambleclaw/star, or, Bluestar. Her story is so sad. *sobs*. Ok, spoiler alert if you haven't read Bluestar's Prophecy. She loses her mother, sister, and a bunch more cats! I read it like 4 times by now, and I cry on the parts where they die all the times. :'(
7/4/2015 c4 18Amberstorm233
This was awesome! Yay for Snowpaw!
QOTD: Spottedleaf.
7/3/2015 c3 Ravenfrost
My favorite movie was Maleficent, but now it's Temple Grandin.
7/3/2015 c2 Ravenfrost
Aw u forgot qotd :(
7/3/2015 c1 Ravenfrost
My favorite series is probably between what you called "Into the Wild" which is actually the original series and "The New Prophecy." But if I had to choose one it'd be the original series.
7/2/2015 c3 BRUH
I have to say, "Let's Be Cops" it was great.

Nice job, too!
7/2/2015 c1 BRUH
Dawn of the Clans! And I believe Omen of the Stars, though Firestar's death was overrated along with the over-emotional fans of Hollyleaf's death and how she should be worshipped along with Firestar. This seems fantastic! I love Snowtuft!
3/13/2015 c2 Amberstorm233
Bravo! Bravo! Loved it! I felt so bad for Snow and Red though. They lost their parents(Well I am so evil)
3/9/2015 c1 ainsley kennedy
I really like it. For QOTD, I would say Into the Wild is my favorite.
3/9/2015 c1 Amberstorm233
Loved it! Like I said before, the names are great! Loved it!
QOTD: I don't really know. I guess it's either the fifth or first arc.
3/9/2015 c1 Guest has swag
I really like Yellowfang, Cinderpelt, Blackstar and Leafstar
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