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4/3 c21 Wizardette
Danse Macabre: Dance of the Lord, the Master, and the Mentor or Dance of the Riddle, Potter, and the Grinsen would be nice. I think these are awfully long for a title, so its more of a base suggestion than an actual title, sorry. I'm also terribly tempted to put the Idiot, Master, and Grinnysens just for fun.
3/31 c10 emmiekins20
FEMALE ZIBINI FOR GELLERT YESSS or Sirius haha or wolfstar
3/31 c10 emmiekins20
You should make pansy the mom of the group eventually draco the best friend Theo the dad of the group and blasé the brother figure that would be epic
3/30 c8 emmiekins20
She should get a bloody snake
3/23 c20 2willam and jack and jake
love it
3/19 c21 8GabrielsDoubt
i love Hadrias delightful menagerie. i also likethe slightly serious undertones to this chapter. it breaks up the silly playfulness of the others
3/16 c21 Guest
This was absolutely amazing! I enjoyed reading it very much, it made my day :)
3/17 c14 JustOneMoreChapterPleaseee
I changed my mind, I hope Gellert gets with Lady Zabini
3/17 c13 JustOneMoreChapterPleaseee
Sirius Black. Please let it be Sirius Black.
3/16 c21 2acetwolf94
3/13 c21 Black and Potter
¿Scáth the Grim is Sirius Black?
3/13 c21 ELinkA
Extra thanks!
3/13 c21 2Chronocidal
If you are worried about the title being common, you could always try extending it. Something like "Danse Macabre, sur la Musique Vivre" (roughly "The Dance of Death, to the Music of Life") perhaps?
3/13 c21 TomRiddlesTwin
Fantastic chapter!
3/13 c21 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
I love thus story so much just wow. I cannot wait for the second arc
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