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3/19 c19 3LongNightDragon
I like this story, I really do. Hope that somewhere down the line you decide to continue you're old stories.
3/18 c19 One Happy Birb
This cliffhanger still bothers me and keep biting me in the back cause I keep remembering this and every time I visit your profile to look at updates I keep wishing that there will be an update for this and now it is killing me cause, 1) there are limited if not few fanfics I like to read and authors who are decent in their story making and telling without butchering the series all together with or w/o it being a crossover, and 2) is that while I'm quite partial to LGBTQ (cause I follow a twitch streamer who is male but uses a female avatar and is also an LGBTQ) is hate, no, I fucking loath M/M, the shounen ai, I can stomach but outright fucking, nah.
1/16 c19 303FunahoMisaki
hmmm I wonder how things would have changed for everyone if Honoka had accidentally hit the confirm button for Miya instead of Homura while Miya was out getting groceries or something. Or maybe instead of Harry/FemHarry it was Tsuna or Naruto instead...just imagining everyone's reactions to Miya of all people being winged is hilarious
10/27/2021 c19 Guest
Dumbledore is a good man who is selfless and honest. He only wants whats best for each person. #dumbledoreforpresident.

BTW, I raped his sister good. Damn did I fill that little cunt in good. Shit, she was screamer while I busted a HARD nut in that bitch. Turned her crusty like a two dollar whore. Dumbledore just sat there with a thumb up his ass thinking about Grindlewald, like the good little piece of shit he is. Fuck Dumbledore.
9/10/2021 c5 HellsMaji
Right.. it's totally believable that Snape was capable of instantly knocking out an entire house full of sekirei that all move faster than him, that they didn't instantly inform the ministry when some European magical randomly showed up, and that honoka wasn't able to fight off the imperious at all. Totally.
2/23/2021 c18 3zackie1987
More please I really love this story
1/25/2021 c19 Lunorija Sevenstar
why did it have to end? pls make more this is tooooo good!
11/12/2020 c19 lady sakura cosmos
good story
9/29/2020 c19 4DRMAK
If cantact with one jinki can turn Honoka in to the sekirei riadio, can she use more to give her gamer ability to all the sekirei like she did her flock?
7/13/2020 c19 8WordSmyth
Damnit! This is where you drop it! I love this story but god damn!
5/6/2020 c19 4QU4RTZ
It's amazing that this is one of the few stories that has Gamer elements without letting skills, stats, and details dominate and clog the story. It was really refreshing to read.
2/22/2020 c19 Craig
Yo,whatz up. Whens the nxt chapter coming out.
2/8/2020 c19 4mongodatroll
I'm guessing that you are done bothering with this one, but for the record, I would be thrilled if you were to continue it. You have a tendency to rely heavily on people having already covered the source material, which may make it a lower quality bit of writing for somebody that hasn't. But since I have, it's been a hoot.
Regardless of whether you come back to it or not, thank you very much for your efforts.
10/3/2019 c19 3LordNemesis
Great story wants more and I know we are close to the end of this story so MORE!
9/5/2019 c19 Guest
Wonder if that 'radio station' part means Honoko will get some sort of bonus from the other Sekirei, the ones that she hasn't winged. A power boost akin to the one that she's gotten from the ones shes winged, without actually winging them. The strength possibly relying on how much their bonds have formed (friendships good and all that), mostly because the idea of a 'full powered' deal sounds like it'd be horrifying to those who don't have the Sekirei's best interests at heart.

(That and I kind of want a happy ending for all the Sekirei. At least, the ones where it's still possible to do so.)
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