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for KEVEDD: Siren

9/19/2016 c4 Ah Lada piggy
Why are they wearing gas masks? I don't get that. Why centre paragraphs?
I re-readed the wrist breaking part 3 times wonder how it got stuck? Kevin what are you doing? Why do I have so many questions? player?

_ lol I'm going to finish this even though I'm not really into man/man romances which I basically all the Ed Edd and Eddy section is. Kevin and Edd is bad enough, but adoptive brothers, I'm having a twilight
moment here and I hate twilight.
12/18/2015 c27 your amazing
7/21/2015 c17 Guest
Chapter 17 wow caught me off guard
7/20/2015 c27 emmygS2
I have to say I really did enjoy the story. the only thing that drives ne crazy is what was up with Johnny? did he just make all that stuff up?
6/24/2015 c21 Lp
Intriguing. There's just a new twist every few chapters. You managed to bring in the Vincent name. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
6/24/2015 c21 OMG I LOVE THIS
I love it! You really need to add more to it. It's really sweet, and soooooo suspenseful.
6/25/2015 c24 1Lovelyladie15
Omg this is getting really good I can't wait to read more also can't wait to know about double d's past update soon!
5/23/2015 c17 Guest
4/27/2015 c14 FaintWolf
Soo cyote!
4/8/2015 c11 Missdellusion
Sounds like they might be engaged rather than married...
Update soon!
4/8/2015 c10 Missdellusion
Alright will Double Delicious end up in gymnastics?
4/8/2015 c9 Missdellusion
I enjoy this. It's pretty good keep up the good work
3/27/2015 c9 FaintWolf
L-l-l-love this fanfiction and everything about it and I love you the author for the way you write and yea
3/25/2015 c8 Missdellusion
I don't think. .. putted is a word. Put would have been fine. Damn broken wrist, and various injuries truly horrid. Update spoon tho we need mwoar
3/22/2015 c8 FaintWolf
Sooo cute, they are soo adorable! I love this fic and seeing it in my email box is awesome and I love the way the fic is going with twists and turns in the plot, I really love reading this fic!
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