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9/16/2016 c11 9dragonrush
Yay, you finished it! I've always loved this fanfic :)x
4/6/2016 c10 1CaptainKodak
Please update! I love this!
7/29/2015 c10 10ultima-owner
5/25/2015 c7 132signelchan
The benefit to knowing you in person is that you’ve already heard my thoughts on this chapter here. And, honestly, I don’t know if I know how to type the words I’d need to explain my thoughts about this massive battle between like six people. It’s really massive, and well-written, which is awesome for a Pokemon battle, but at the same time I don’t even know how someone’s supposed to mentally approach this behemoth.

I could mention the inclusion of Mega Evolutions, but that was sort of implied to become important at some point. Then Jana rings the Clear Bell and hears it ringing, and I wonder what that’s going to mean. Surely it’s not going to mean Suicune is it? Oh, right, it is, and this Legendary’s fighting on the good side. In fact, Suicune’s appearance helps turn the tide of battle from Mewtwo wrecking everything imaginable, to the good guys actually having a chance. Which isn’t really that much of a surprise.

What is a surprise is Giovanni telling Jana that he understands the shit she says, and then he fucking jumps out of the window. Or at least he tries to, but they stop him, and Jana impales herself in the process. Which, combined with that head injury from long ago, is a recipe for disaster and she falls straight out the window.

Rest in pieces, Jana.

Except there’s more to the story so I don’t think she’s quite done yet.

5/25/2015 c6 signelchan
Remember in my last review when I said that the Rocket stuff was my Least Favorite part of the game? Well here’s another chapter dealing with that nonsense, and guess what that means? It means that I might just skip around and ignore everything except the exciting bits! And there are those here, right? Right?

Radios not working, Goldenrod tower, blah blah. Having played through Johto so many times, this is like a broken record to me, even though you’ve written this with the added element of animosity between your “player character” and Lance. It’s more interesting than the games made it, but I can’t exactly find myself being interested in this. Although Jana punching the guy and Whitney getting offended was beautiful. Jana takes no prisoners in this game called life. There’s just a lot of banter and battling here, which is pretty true to the games. But it’s a different kind of banter. Worried about friends? Who’s this Alexis person? Is Jana going to deck another man? Wait that third question wasn’t anything related to banter but I guess it’s still an important question.

Ah yes, the rival. More like, best line spewer. “[H]e’s not some cape wearing fruitcake.” Oh man, Nicholas, why are you such a precious gem in this fic? And why do you challenge Jana to a battle when you know she’s going to curbstomp your ass into next week? And curbstomp she does, but after the battle Lance lays a truth bomb down on the two combatants, which isn’t taken every well by Jana, but it convinces Nicky (heh) to join their side for the current moment. Oh hey, look, someone uses unnecessary force to get what they want. Looks like we know where Jana gets that habit, hm? And the characters remark on this themselves and that’s beautiful.

Exposition items! Card keys and Clear Bells! I wonder what’s going to become relevant at some point? Who knows. I don’t. What I do know is that you manage to make the Rocket admins more interesting than the games do, which is awesome. Even though they get their asses soundly handed to them with no effort at all. (Also, side note, the part between Ariana and Nicholas is so sad. Poor kid, but at least now we have closure to why he’s at least partially a huge dick.) Then there’s more battling, but this gets cut short by the appearance of Big Bad Giovanni, in a huge diversion from canon. Now we’ve got two disappeared dads having reappeared, two vengeful children (although one’s calmed down slightly), and one Champion who’s out for blood for what’s happened to a friend of his.

Oh, and Giovanni’s got a Mega Mewtwo of some variety. This is going to get ugly.

5/25/2015 c5 signelchan
It’s only taken me a month and a half to catch up on this review backlog I’ve set for myself, but here you go. Here’s me reviewing and responding to Jana’s adventure through Johto, even though I should have done this forever and a half ago.

The beginning of the chapter is just Jana trading Pokemon back and forth to get hers in their evolved forms. Which is great and all, because it tells us how she managed to get those Pokemon, but it also makes me kind of wish that no one had wanted to trade with her. Like, really? She got Morty to trade with her? Some random dude I can understand, but Morty? I thought she had standards. Then things quickly get to the Lake of Rage subplot that the games shove down our throats (sorry, everything dealing with the Rockets is my Least Favorite thing in the games), but you make it infinitely better because, hey, someone’s there at the lake and this someone is really important to Jana’s journey through, well, life.

They just sort of bitch and moan back and forth for a bit, because they’re complete strangers to one another, and I don’t think this scene would have worked any better if it were even slightly different. They battle alongside each other (sort of), and then when the dust settles, that’s when this scene goes from good to great. Jana’s reaction to finding out this toolbag of a guy is actually her toolbag of a father is hilarious, and his absolute lack of response to her disgust is priceless. But alas, things have to happen, and that means there’s going to be family drama and Rocket stupidity, but most of all, there’s going to be Jana being a raging bitch and I love it. Jana is a beautiful character to read about, because she’s crass and rude and doesn’t care what anyone thinks aside from herself.

Skipping through the boring bits a bit (again, I hate this part in the games), I love the battle against Ariana and the grunt, where Lance somehow convinces Jana to listen to him and turn the tides of battle in their favor. It’s amazing how that manages to happen. But after the battle, when they’re at their meal, we get to see Jana being a sad sack and Gary trying to mediate and Lance not really giving a fuck because he knows that he can’t do anything right in the situation. Also, Jana’s a real rage-y bitch here. Love it.

The rest of the chapter is great though. First, Lance goes into Jana’s room while she’s virtually topless. Second, he gives her a Mega Stone? And a Pokemon? Oh Lance, what are your intentions? Then there’s the numbers and the letter! Oh man the letter. Wish you could embed pictures into the story, I know for a fact that the picture Lance draws of Jana is a beautiful piece of work. Then, after a quick interlude of Gym battling, Jana’s back on the road for like five seconds before she’s at her next destination where she calls her mom and her mom is like a beacon of sense. Only problem is, Jana isn’t exactly a fan of following directions. But oh well. Life goes on.

5/21/2015 c9 Commander M
Did you know that there is Mega Houndoom, I saw thing on Bulbapedia, you need to see it. And do think that Nicholas(Silver) could use Mega Evolution, and what Mega Evolution do you think that Nicholas will have is it Mega Gengar or Mega Alakazam.
5/21/2015 c8 zErin37
I absolutely love your writing style. Your character's sassy comments and your descriptions make the story so fun to read. I laughed several times, and I'd never want to be the one who pissed Jana off. Normally I don't like when people graze through big areas without much detail, but it worked really well for your story.
This is really great so far, I'm looking forward to reading more!
5/7/2015 c8 Commander M
Since Giovanni's dead, what happened to Team Rocket now.
5/6/2015 c8 Commander M
Since Giovanni is dead, do you think that Nicholas will stay in Blackthorn City for a while so that he can go redeem himself. And like his game counterpart, will Nicholas choose the Dragon Den to be his training ground.
5/6/2015 c7 Guest
umm is this game based anime based or manga based seems like a anime game combo
4/29/2015 c7 Commander M
Since everybody call Nicholas "Nicky" I think it will be a running gag in this fanfic.
4/18/2015 c6 Commander M
Kamikaze2007, you made Giovanni more like his anime than the you made Giovanni captured Mewtwo, similar to his anime counterpart and give Giovanni willing to murder like his anime counterpart.
4/6/2015 c4 Commander M
Since Gary is Pokemon League Champion and Giovanni disappeared after somehow escaping from the police, who is running the Viridian Gym now and who is the Viridian Gym Leader.
4/6/2015 c4 signelchan
Jana ends up in Ecruteak once more to end the chapter, but that's only relevant if you want to ignore everything that happens in this update. Another two badges, one coming from the cruel battle against Jasmine, and a meeting with the Champion! She talks big, but maybe she'll actually be able to beat Gary someday, maybe when she's a little less cocky about her abilities. She doesn't even have all the badges quite yet.

You managed to make the Lighthouse sidequest more tolerable, because you've made the character we're following for it less of a blank slate and more of a hero to root for. Even though I don't think we should exactly be calling Jana a hero. Like I said before, she's kind of cocky and not exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch. But she does get a really good "inner monologue" spot in this chapter, when she thinks about three people whose names seem to be sticking with her. The champion, the Gym Leader she nearly got wrecked by, and the multiple interruptions of her thinking about Lance in conjunction with those two. Man, she's really got it out for that guy, doesn't she? Can't wait to see how that's going to inevitably end up.

That's all I've got to say on this chapter. I'll stay tuned for next week's installment to see what sorts of crazy shenanigans Jana gets into then, especially since fans of the games would know that next comes Team Rocket, Mahogany Town, and Lake of Rage...and, if you stick close to canon, an appearance by the guy she seems to have a strong hatred for. I'm excited!

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