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5/7/2020 c8 Arkytior S
Monty Python and the Holy Grail!

I LOVE that one! And the scenes with the Black Knight and the French soldiers are the BEST. Your work is wonderful and my condolences about your mom.

Keep up the good work!
1/18/2019 c12 Maxine
Ah. That’s mighty sad. This story was incredibly hilarious and amusing. My condolences for your loss, even though I now that I am incredibly late. All that I can say now is: thank you for writing this story and putting up with its curse for two years (even though I know thanking you for doing that is odd), and good luck for the rest of your days.
7/21/2018 c12 16Child of Dreams
I'll adopt it!
7/21/2018 c4 Child of Dreams
(death glare)
7/21/2018 c3 Child of Dreams
(laughing hysterically)
7/21/2018 c1 Child of Dreams
2/23/2018 c12 1HunterSkywalker
I'm sorry about your cursed story... I loved what you wrote, and thanks for at least giving this last summarized version. Really, even that much was great! (Don't suppose you know if anybody's picked this up?)
2/6/2018 c12 KylieKyotie
This was a fresh Hobbit story - very entertaining. I can understand why it got old for the writer to write, but I enjoyed the end notes with all the other scenarios. Fun. Fun. Fun... Thanks : )
12/2/2017 c12 2musme
I love it very much !
10/29/2017 c12 Guest
I understand why you want to stop writing and continuing with this particular story. But just so you know that what you have written was absolutely amazing, I loved every chapter. I do hope that all this hardship dose not destroy your writing.
Every story of yours that I have read has been amazing, you put so much work and passion into them.
6/13/2017 c12 1TheWhisperingWarrior
It would have been funny if Yavanna's husband was doing all this to try and get Bilbo and Smaug to fall in love with each other.
6/6/2017 c12 5Enduring Time
Can you do an update note if someone does take up this story? I really like this one...
Thanks for the great fic!
6/2/2017 c12 Guest
This is like my favorite fucking thing ever! I've been dying laughing for the past hour and my sides hurt. Plz stp, I is hurtz. And all of de kudos for the Monty Python and the obnoxious state of Smaug and Bilbos relationship at the end. Oml I'm actually dying I love you so much
5/28/2017 c12 61Stormshadow13
I'm sorry to see this fic end like this. But I do understand your reasoning's.

However, I still love the story.
5/27/2017 c12 Guest
I'm so sorry you've had such a horrible time! I really hope someone adopts it, avoids the curse, and does the story justice! Best of luck!
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