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for Homecoming and Prank Wars

3/28/2017 c9 10Nickelchan99
Aww... I can't believe this hella awesome story don't have any reviews! Well that ends today lol I personally LOVE this story, it's got a little bit of everything in it, especially me fave characters~! Especially Zaku, Kin, Dosu, Sakon/Ukon, ah that whole damn Sound Ninja! XD The ones who did NOT deserve to die at least, but still!

I can't choose a favorite chapter but it was sweet seeing Zaku get his revenge on that jerkass who beat him up as a kid just cuz he was hungry... what kind of punk just beats up on a poor kid because he's hungry and kinda needs it to SURVIVE... ah... this chapter gave me satisfaction, this story as a whole gave me satisfaction! And of course the other ones so... really good job here man I really like it, I go back to read them again every now and then :) :3

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