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for Pokemon: Ash Ketchum's Rise to Excellence

5/24/2015 c2 Guest
leaf catch an eevee
4/3/2015 c1 4Shadowz101
Great start to the story. It's always nice when someone goes the "Skilled" Ash route without doing all the cliche's. Also enjoying the fact that you are using Leaf as the eventual love interest. I am so tired of people writing in Misty and then making her the sole focus of the story almost. Anyway so far so good, though it's only the first chapter so I'll wait until the battles to give a real detailed review.

As far as legendaries go, rather than just give you names, I think I'll just say why certain ones would be a good idea and how I would introduce them. For starters any one of the legendary birds would be a good catch, and if this was done I'd say it would have to be his "first" legendary. After the battle that took place in "Pokemon 2000" it wouldn't be at all unrealistic if one of the birds went with Ash as a kind of thank you. Especially Articuno, as that bird literally got its arse handed to it during the fight and I'd imagine, like Charizard, it would want to go away to become stronger. It's a legendary and the fact it was the first to fall might be a bit of a sore point.

Another good choice would be any of the legendary dogs. Personally my favorite is Suicune but the others are just as good. The only issue is I don't see a reason why they would chose to go off with Ash so my suggestion is if you do use one of them, have it be some kind of "mystery egg" that Ash comes across. Even legendaries must be born somehow lol so even if there are no eggs in the games, they must still be born somehow. Even if they are birthed like humans, maybe the calf or pup falls out of the nest or something? Just an idea.

Finally, just because I think this would be so damned cool, Reshiram. I mean come on the Black and White movie that thing was a monster...when it appeared in the series it's a monster and the best thing about it is that it commands Ash's respect, so if ANY trainer was going to catch it, Ash is. Actually I lied, another good suggestion would be the original Mew, but only after a long time. I don't think Mew is the kind of Pokemon that should be given early on I think Mew would have to observe that Ash can train legendaries and treat them with respect.

So in order of capture;

Suicune, Entei or Raichou

It's important to note that aside from Articuno and the dogs, I doubt Ash would "capture" them of such, more have them available for important battles (like Charizard when Ash calls him from the valley or Squirtle from TSS.

Hope it helped. Sorry there is more suggesting than reviews I'll do a proper review when I have more story to comment on.

PS: I'm surprised Kyurem isn't in your never never list he's way too powerful.
3/12/2015 c1 1Blade-A-Blaze
Great chapter to begin another story.

I must ask, however, will you have some sort of updating schedule, ot you will just update whatever you feel like writing?

P.s.: If a legendary was to join Ash's team, I'd say either Darkrai, Deoxys, or suicune.
3/12/2015 c1 seeldewgong
Good first chapter, however I must ask you to pretty please have Ash actually develop as a character throughout his travels rather than do what some others do and immediately make him into a "perfect trainer". I just don't want to see an Ash-sue. So far, what you have is readable.

Furthershipping is so freaking awesome! Can't wait to see how you go about that, and please update "Secrets Confessions, and Revelations" soon. I gotta know which pairing won. It's a nail-biter.
3/12/2015 c1 thor94
interesting story.
the egg is obviously riolu, since it come from riley.

About legendaries, i don't understand why you exclude mewtwo? he is badass and does not really count as legendary. i would have liked ash obtain mewtwo.

otherwise for other legendaries, i would like kyurem (ash had only one ice in canon and no psychic)
and for psychic i don't know (i wanted mewtwo) but a eon or maybe cresselia
3/12/2015 c1 2TravelingMan93
Good start to the story so far. I'm really interested in how this will play out in later chapters. Hope you update this story soon.
3/12/2015 c1 espeon44
U are one of the best writers!
3/12/2015 c1 9GijinkaVerse Writer
Very few people will get anything about the sotry from the summary. Most people aren't famialiar with Dark Violet and those few that are already know that story. It isn't clear that there is going to be a plot and it's just introductions of characters.
3/12/2015 c1 8Knight of Kanto
A very good start. Good work.
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