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for Sunshine

6/7/2016 c1 Guest
It's such a beautiful start! I love that Lucy is blind and the way everything was described, especially Rogues voice! But as I got to the bottom I nearly had a seizure when there was no 'next' button :( this is such a good concept! I hope you continue this!
3/21/2015 c1 85leoslady4ever
I admit you've caught my attention. Nice job on an unusual plot. Can't wait to see more!
3/13/2015 c1 7NeroNotHero
I want more of this story! It really good, I like the Lucy being idea! She's a bit rude bit hey, it's understandable, she can't even see!
Can't wait to see what cones next!
3/13/2015 c1 WeiNieSho
This chapter almost brought me to tears. Your story has definitely a good potential I tell ya, this kind of plot feel new and refreshing at the same time. Too bad Lu couldn't see Rogue T_T, but she smiled at the end so I hope it continue that way.
Anyway you got me interested instantly, so I say please keep going with it, this story is great you did a good job on the 1st chapter and I'm sure the others will follow and be as good as this one. It's too early to put your story on my fav ones but I'll definitely follow it that for sure ;). Ja ne!
3/13/2015 c1 Guest
awesome! what happened to Lucy? what kind of accident did she hv

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