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11/17/2020 c10 4Kitsuhana
These are some really sweet little snippets, and I absolutely love the way you wrote them. You don’t use complicated language and still manage to create vivid imagery and emotion; The mark of a talented author. I’m definitely looking forward to reading more from you! :)
7/1/2018 c5 Guest
I love it.
3/10/2016 c10 Guest
I cried the whole time...
12/21/2015 c10 24Samtastic 3.0
Great job. Loved the realism.
I liked how they drifted apart as they got older, yet ultimately came back to each other.
11/23/2015 c10 5Commander Allie
I am so glad this exists! These two are adorable! 3
10/11/2015 c10 markburlat
Is this the last chapter? please make more!
10/11/2015 c5 markburlat
Totally unexpected! Wow!
10/11/2015 c4 markburlat
I like this
9/5/2015 c10 Guest
I cant wait for the next chapter! These are just AWESOME!
8/19/2015 c10 29Weird Writing Nerd
I really, REALLY want to be one of those reviewers that can go into a several paragraph long rant about how awesome you work is, unfortunately, each and every one of your chapters just leave me speechless everytime. Awesome work you're doing man. Keep it up!
8/19/2015 c10 17Kiss of the Breeze
I don't think I've ever gotten a special mentioning before ;D I'm touched!
Whew, SPEAKING of touching... wowzers. I wasn't expecting something like this, but you did it so much justice. It wasn't sexy, and it wasn't exceedingly awkward. It was exactly what one would expect of a fist time encounter between two teens with their depth of history. I loved it, and I also really liked how modestly it was written- very tasteful. I enjoy how this wasn't a pandering for smut but a view at another facet of their friendship/intimacy. The bashfulness and the under tones of wistfulness and sorrow... Honestly, it kind of puts me in mind of the Halloween party scene in Donnie Darko- the sex for comfort and a sort of confirming of "yes, we're still best friends" feelings are paralleled, I think.
I always seem to end up reading your updates way late at night. I wouldn't have it any other way, at this rate. The moods you've been conjuring of late seem most fitting in the dark and quiet.
As always, I look forward to seeing where else this story might go!
Happy writing~
7/24/2015 c9 7Writer of Time
These are absolutely amazing. Very cute, I love reading this.

~Writer of Time
7/22/2015 c9 Alex
AWWWW so cute. Please update soon. your stories are awesome
7/20/2015 c9 1ThisCharmingManda
Glad to see you keeping up with the poking, doll. This story's got a few spasms left in it. ;)
7/20/2015 c9 17Kiss of the Breeze
Hi, welcome back :)
I'm so Wybie in this chapter. You capture the "side-friend" mentality very well. While it isn't healthy, this aspect of teenage jealousy is so a part of growing up. I also like how from Coraline's perspective she isn't fully aware he feels second rate and I enjoy how she works to include him- I think it highlights a sweet part of her personality.
These little episodes are so fun (even the more melancholy ones) and I look forward to reading more!
Happy writing~
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