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10/18/2018 c22 Guest
preeeeetty sure this is outdated- just saying
6/20/2016 c29 Iur book thing
Is this over ?
4/18/2016 c29 Guest
3/2/2016 c1 Guest
1/12/2016 c29 Guest
7/19/2015 c29 Komnenid
in each Steven bomb, He gets more stronger, his shield can stop any attack
now the only thing left to see, how powerful is Rose (Steven) sword

Rose was so strong, and so is Steven
7/19/2015 c29 7Cfintimidator
Steven will turn corrupted and into a monster
7/12/2015 c28 1JohnnyBravo500
*waits patiently for next chapter* avoid the internet at all costs I accidentally spoiled Sardonyx design for my self. *Cries*
7/10/2015 c28 17Dante Watterson
Excellent work :)
7/10/2015 c28 7Cfintimidator
HA you daho hahahaah
6/1/2015 c1 3SUuwfiction
It's an interesting and rocky start! Though IDK if the Gems would get exhausted since they do have fake bodies and Lapis wouldn't plot revenge against anyone! But interesting plot.
5/21/2015 c26 1JohnnyBravo500
... *Serious surprised stare*
5/15/2015 c25 JohnnyBravo500
man is it near the ending already? Time goes by quick when reading top notch stories. I'm happy yet sad to see this story end. Is that even a thing?
5/10/2015 c21 7Cfintimidator
Wait a minute if his gem is still cracked wouldn't he turning into a gem corrupted monster
5/9/2015 c24 1JohnnyBravo500
no worries about the look of yellow diamond, it's all good. I liked this gems also seem to be in a tough spot. Well i'll be looking forward to the next chapter. Where is yellow diamond heading? Questions to be answered! X)
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