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for sing me to sleep

1/30 c1 Guest
wow,so good.
6/15/2017 c1 13Tropicallight
That was kind of bitter sweet. I like it though!
4/18/2017 c1 11Ayumi Sigma
This was so so so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
6/1/2016 c1 5fandomstrash
Dad, I'm bleeding through my underwear.
I seriously can't
3/16/2016 c1 niffaith
Akira is definitely one of my favorites and you write her so well, thank you.
11/2/2015 c1 Lady Lachrymose
Omg, I needed to read this. Just finished TG season 2 , and omg, the feels. Akiramon was my fav pairing. Beautifully written, I hot so emotional whilst reading this. Looking forward to more stories by you.
7/11/2015 c1 phoenix
oh boy i love this so much! i think you captured akira's character really well. she has an interesting relationship with amon and it's nice seeing people write about it in her perspective! i actually don't read tg fics often so i'm not sure if they're a popular ship or not, but hhhhhh you're really tempting me to find out and read some more.

"we are going to die tomorrow, and you still don't love me." haha bye i almost died right there and then
7/5/2015 c1 FighterGirl14
Beautiful. Accurate. Heartbreaking. It would be nice if perhaps you write a sequel. Great job!
4/1/2015 c1 23limonium
ok wth im just here lying in a pool of my own feels anD
OH MY GOSH ok this is beautiful BUT WH Y
(it's so good thank you)
3/25/2015 c1 pihip
I'm glad I read this story after reading the latest TG:re chapters, it makes the part where Akira vents her pent-up feelings through Takizawa both tragic and horrifying.

A beautiful fic from beginning to end that does Akira justice, though Arima's portrayal was kinda puzzling, it does not fit the 'one-dimensional statue' image I have of him - but that's me and maybe I fail hard at understanding certain characters.
3/19/2015 c1 Ali
Wow. This was the most perfect Akira portrayal. Thank you for doing her character such justice.
3/15/2015 c1 4nashiro
i'm not crYING YOU'RE CRY IN G
(nice way to break my heart)
(thank you for writing this btw! it's hella!)
3/15/2015 c1 17BlackCatNeko999
This was really good. I enjoyed every bit of it so thank you for writing this. Great story.
3/14/2015 c1 4reendesu
Oh well feels, guess ill be saying goodbye. Good fic.
3/14/2015 c1 4Sadistic Spirit
This was really good. Akira has always been a hard character for me to grasp. This sheds a much needed light on her for me. Kudos for the writing style! Would love to read more!

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