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3/15/2015 c3 Guest
Felicity misses Oliver!
To adorable Oliver don't leave your women alone for to long!
Ughh Laurel she can suck out all the fun in everything... That Lil bonding moment with Thea and felicity I love!
That smut scene hot!
Let's see how that party goes
3/15/2015 c3 black rose
Well story is fabulous I think must b strong & knows how to fight & obviously my favourite scene is the romance between O & F & hoping to more deep romance in further stories
3/15/2015 c3 Laura
I really like this version of Oliver and Felicity. I am intrigued about what will happen next.
3/15/2015 c3 Anonymus2018
Great chapter! I love that Thea talked with her and that she likes Felicity!
Would be great if they ever told her what happened there.
3/15/2015 c2 ashley2060
Love the past scenes
I would love a encounter between felicity and laurel and then oliver steps in to defend felicity
Update soon
3/15/2015 c3 ashley2060
More OLICITY past and present
Love everything you are doing by the way
Update soon pleaseee
3/15/2015 c3 Newsies73
Hmmm. What would I like to see in this story? Oh I would totally love a scene where Felicity tells off Laurel! Like Laurel throws some rude comment at Oliver and it just ends up setting off Felicity. I feel like even though Oliver can be a hot head and a bit of a jerk, people always have thrown rude jabs at him and he just takes it. So I would love to see Felicity sticking up for her man. Haha
I enjoyed the bonding with Thea. So I'm all for that relationship progressing. And I would love to see some more Diggle. Is he going to be brought into the group? And will it be in the same way? That would be cool, but I also think it would be cool if you did a bit of a role reversal. Like they bring Dig in when Oliver gets shot by his mom because he has medical training. So he would come in at the point Felicity did on the show.
This story has me thinking up a bunch of random stuff like that. Haha. But write it the way you want to! I'm really enjoying it so far.
3/15/2015 c3 Olicity4Eva
Love it love it love it cant wait to read what happens next loved the flash backs can't wait for laurel and felicity to meet...

Update soon
3/15/2015 c3 sakura-blossom62
Oh I just love seeing that they have each other here for everything because its what Oliver needed to have and its great that she understands his need to help Laurel but that she knows he loves her. Loved it.
3/15/2015 c3 KylieCullenSummers
Interesting story concept and structure...I'm sold and can't wait for the next chapter. :)
3/15/2015 c2 CealSR
So excited to have had another chapter already! Thank you!:D
3/15/2015 c2 Anonymus2018
Great chapter. I like how you included Felicity!
3/15/2015 c2 Guest
I thought for a moment Felicity was suppose to stuff to him.. But thankfully she wasn't..i love that oliver met her first!
Hopefully hr doesn't sleep with shado or Sara in this...
And sladeeeeee!
3/15/2015 c1 Anonymus2018
Cool story! I love the plot :)
I like that you write how Moira sees them and that it helps Oliver.
3/14/2015 c2 samwinter9
loved it!
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