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5/27/2017 c11 Rebmul
I'm interested in seeing how kushina responds to her son being crazy as fuck and it being the villages fault also want to see how kaguya responds to him it would be interesting to see her fall for him and go all yandere
5/27/2017 c11 lan110885
The chapter was very funny.
5/27/2017 c11 21Spidey2
LOL! OMG! *slaps bed while laughing* I think Kitsune should bed the Shinigami next; followed by pulling a devious underhanded prank on Pein that causes him to revert back to how he was before Yahiko died...
5/27/2017 c11 52Atomsk the Pirate King
So glad you're back :D. That was hilarious. Deidra got dissed. Man did he pull a lame comeback. It took balls for him to take the Shimigami's scythe lol. It was nice that he brought back his mom. Wasn't expecting it to be a girl. Poor Anko kept getting played. What was Jeraiya thinking when saying that to Tsunade?

Keep it up.
5/27/2017 c11 DragonxLord
MY friend this is the funniest fic i have that i have ever read. Keep doing what you doing.
5/27/2017 c11 40Phoenixlord42
I wonder if Konan would join with others
5/27/2017 c11 Dante3142
I swear this is the best fic ever. Or at least best Crack fic ever.
5/17/2017 c10 The Lunar 9 Tailed Fox
I fucking adore this story to hell and back. It is hilarious with all the random shit going on in it.
3/5/2017 c10 serpentacodex
thus is fucking hilarious
3/5/2017 c8 serpentacodex
this is hands down the funniest narutoverse fic ive ever read
2/17/2017 c10 DracoKing30
love this funny story cant wait for new chapters
1/2/2017 c10 A friend
Haha a code 14 that is still making me laugh
12/27/2016 c10 14Rubius
man this story is totally F.U.B.A.R but to each their own.
11/2/2016 c10 Edge Cifer
this is so damn weird but so damn funny too keep it up
11/1/2016 c10 troutman30
Good move, nip the Hinata thing in the bud, even the Hinata/Naruto fans and I'm one of them should be able to see that Kitsune is a bad match for her.
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