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4/16/2021 c3 Vactican
i always knew sasuke was gay hahaha;)
4/10/2021 c10 jellatinous
I mad respect kitsune right now. he doesn't fall for the harem growth virus. you'd think a guy crazy like him would go diving in if he had a swimming pool full of pussy. but no, he got the two he wanted and made satisfactory deals with the others that wouldn't involve his fidelity. good show
4/10/2021 c8 jellatinous
I must say, hana and tenten are probably the most stable girls in the whole series. they're good for the straight(wo)man act to kitsunaruto's logical insanity. I can empathize with tenten when she sighs and shakes her head. it is lovely and endearing. I hope hana can learn her tricks to the prankster's heart.
3/27/2021 c6 Osiris Sundavr
The flying carpet from Aladdin? Kitsune really pulls anything he wants out of thin air.
3/27/2021 c3 Osiris Sundavr
Love this! I’m laughing so much that my roommate is giving me the weirdest look I have ever seen. Great job with this fic and I love the loading dock comments they’re hilarious.
2/25/2021 c4 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This has got to be the funniest shit I've read had me laughing up a storm definitely reading more..
1/21/2021 c4 Guest
wait is this a harem with tenten and hana bro
1/13/2021 c20 lou2003us
Looking forward to the next chapter. Keep up the great work! Stay safe and healthy.
1/12/2021 c20 Alim fanficker1
when up for this fanfic bro
1/12/2021 c20 taylorhundred
I like it
1/11/2021 c20 Born2BeGodLike
Another crazy and funny chapter. I am always looking forward to a update for this story.
1/10/2021 c20 4Monster King
1/10/2021 c20 31Imperial-samaB
Well done
1/10/2021 c19 Imperial-samaB
The song is anaconda by nicki Minaj
1/1/2021 c2 Guest
Love this chapter couldn't stop laughing
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