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12/3/2021 c1 Carlom2408
I didn't understand how this thing between Kenshin and Issei works.
In short, do they talk to each other in the mind, or do they exchange the command of the body for the 3 minutes?
And above all, was there really a need to merge Kenshin with Issei?
11/28/2021 c46 Dururum
Body Sharing with 2 Souls. Both male and one is a useless pervert.
Sadly instant out even if the story looked promising
11/23/2021 c1 lastapril123
Is it required to read another work of yours to understand Kenshin character? I'm baffled with his reasoning how the fuck he want to fuse with a stranger
10/3/2021 c1 Electrowizard99
Excellent Story! In ur bio you posted some fan art for a characters but it's not visible . Is there any way I could see those pics.. Thank you
8/25/2021 c129 avenger3576
What about Lilith the Mother of Devils?
8/19/2021 c2 TheForgottenKing
You can not be seriously telling that he will always tell his opponents about what he uses in battle like wtf!?
8/18/2021 c128 VividMind17
Hey, hope you're still alive and okay.
Loving your story a lot and have been patiently waiting for the next chapter...
Looking forward for that potential date between Issei, Kiryuu, Murayama, and Katase, as well as the potential relationship between Kenshin and Gabriel, along with the other youkai who has an interest in him.
Come to think of it...Kenshin x Gabriel X Ilias ? Lucky bastard hehehe...
Anyways, stay safe!
7/2/2021 c128 avenger3576
The clients do all the work and their bosses make all the money. And they call Lucifer the Devil.
7/1/2021 c1 Guest
Right of the bat I just gotta say naming the capital Hades is kinda super dumb cause hades is an enemy later in the series lmao. It’s also funny how you think devils would name a city after anything but another devil.
6/29/2021 c126 avenger3576
6/4/2021 c127 avenger3576
Things are really gonna get serious.
The hardest choices require the strongest will. -Thanos
Q: If Kenshin and Rias were to unlock the full power of their king pieces, would you consider their power to be on the level of Great Red, Ophis(before the split), Trihexa, Sirzech, or Shiva?
5/22/2021 c126 31Imperial-samaB
Looks like you're still going strong. That's good
5/22/2021 c126 avenger3576
Man, things are really getting heated up now.
5/16/2021 c1 Guest
just read second chapter and mc is acting like any idiot villian explaining his skills to his enemys he is with his years of experience to dumb to kill one enemy and author is just copying the anime till now only a second soul and another body droping hear
4/28/2021 c1 Guest
Was made into a devil without his consent and a slave to the gremory spoiled brat. LAME.
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