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8/7/2017 c77 TheCarlosInferno
I noticed that this is the second time Kenshin is implied to have been laid with a member of his harem in a non lemon way, I imagine it will happen more to not oversaturate the main story with the lemons and leave them for the Side Stories.
PS: Congratulations, your story has now reached more than a million words.
8/7/2017 c1 BIG K.R.I.T
i think you broke the word counter it can't even read 1M
8/7/2017 c77 33Imperial-samaB
Well done once again
8/1/2017 c76 TheCarlosInferno
May I suggest an idea for a mini-harem for Vali? Emphasis in the word mini.
8/1/2017 c76 Imperial-samaB
Not bad at all.
7/28/2017 c75 Tohka123
Another amazing chapter as always!

Well thats one hell of a way to piss of Kenshin there, throwing a rock at his head while hes in quite the deep thought. Hes been told some quite life changing news for sure! Well Tamomo was right on the money for sure there, also giving some words of comfort as well!

Haha~ Some good old bickering from Koneko and Ravel, hmm so Alice is observing hmm in a sense huh. Rias is getting much stronger now for sure, Well so the cats out of the bag now, they know that well hes going to a father and got Alice Pregnant. Looks like Both Siblings are just over reacting :P. He learns a little more from the goddess there! Well looks like his well new in laws also know about his soon to be father hood.

Hehe~ Sneaky Kenshin and Sona moment there :P
Well that was some negotiations with the Vampires huh! Kenshin doing the works! Well so ether Eva or Tamomo for representatives. Oh Vampire Youkai.

Ravel and Kenshin get some bonding time there as well! Wow quite the make out session as well! A lot of emotional there especially when he said the killer words to her about her worth!

Haha~ Gotta love Ophis coming out of no where :P, oh so she wants Irinas hair style! Damn got her good, she believed it there for a little lol.

Well the Khaos Bridgade up to no good!

Hey dont worry i have no clue hair dressing ether :P

As always keep up the hard work cant wait till the next!
7/21/2017 c75 Imperial-samaB
Good stuff big guy
7/9/2017 c74 Tohka123
Damn another update!

Wow there were some quite interesting events that happened this chapter especially the ending there damn, i was certainly shocked didn't think she would be the first one to carry his kids. But if you think about it a little does make sense, due to her heritage and such with all that control down to the little things and such!

Hmm so the Dark Goddess is looking for Kenshin, oh wow so he saved her from inside the Scythe and such. Ah so that what she meant by " That Secret".

Wow thats quite impressive to get booted by Xenovia off the bed and not wake up and Ophis was still sleeping as well!
Azazel does make quite the point there, both of them have been quite near death during that war and well plus they haven't had the time ether thats for sure, so makes sense there being a little more clingy than usual. Loved that Kenshin and Miyuki moment there!

Hmm so Magicians pact and looks like everyone aware of Alice's visit. Oh so looks like Tomame as a vague idea what happening and such! Looks like Yukari still wants to tear Vali a new for making Miyuki cry! So Kuroka and Le Fay will be staying with them.

Haha~ Kenshin almost fainted from looking at his back account, laughed really hard at that lol. Hmm so Kiryuu and Issei talk things out. Mephisto is introduced now huh, hes from the extra demon household. Hmm so Nagi's still alive? and he wants her to become his magician to make a pact. Rogue magicians and someones manufacturing Phenex tears.

Hmm so some training with Alma, so looks like they were interrupted by the Mother of all Succubus and Incubus.

Hmm so a mysterious figure is aiding these Rogue Magicians.

Well so Alice Finally arrives and wants to stay with them. Oh so those Three Nights weren't just for Pleasure, it was a Lamia mating Ritual. I guess his reaction is justified shes know for a month and some. And hes just hearing it now, also well hes a Father now to a son and a daughter no less! Hes going to be an awesome Dad, now the question is how are the other girls going to react and such. He might be quite busy after they hear hes gotten Alice pregnant ;P.

As always keep up the hard work cant wait till the next!
7/8/2017 c74 TheCarlosInferno
Shit and I thought the first girl Kenshin would impregnate was going to be Akeno.
7/8/2017 c74 Imperial-samaB
that was good but a few things. early on you said Asia and Irina had his arms while Asia and Sextum glared. Plus when did Issei and Kiryuu have sex. I don't remember that
7/7/2017 c73 Tohka123
Another fantastic chapter as always!

Haha~ So Ria's is a hoarder, its quite on the bad side huh. Damn she named every Bear statue. Well Sirzech's has some very interesting Hobbies for sure... Collecting sleeping Pictures of Rias and Grayfia... Haha~ he barely survived taking pictures of Grayfia. So they both got caught Right handed lol. Omg now he wants pictures with Grayfia...

Hmm and were introduced to this Fallen Archangel, hmm so she was created and cant and her creator Ilias, so she chose to be locked. Well and Ophis comes in and helps out Kenshin there. Hehe~ Loved that little Scene with Ophis and Kenshin, all she wanted to do is sleep with him, quite a cute scene!

Millicas doing some bonding with Issei and Kenshin, he really does idolize them huh. Hes powers are quite powerful for his age, i suppose his heritage helps with that for sure!

And Sirzechs peerage makes an appearance huh!

Alice misses Kenshin as well.

As always keep up the hard work cant wait till the next!
7/6/2017 c72 Tohka123
Just saw you updated this with a new chapter and i haven't reviewed this chapter!

Another fantastic chapter as always!

Well they've confronted Raynare finally...

Kenshins come down with something huh quite serious it seems oh and Issei! Hehe~ Poor Kiba in till he mans up and comes out with it hes going to keep teasing him about Tsuabaki and him :P.

So they have contracted Dragon Flu Damn. Yukari promising him some of her home made food to persuade his mind. Well Yukari does have a valid point with Rias lol! Oh he may of contracted from Tiamat.

Hehe~ Nurse Treatment from the girls now :P. Rami, Rumi,
and Remi make another appearance. Well so Koneko's doing her best as well to help with his illness and Akeno doing her part as well! Hehe~ Rias and Akeno duking it out lol. Well looks like Rose is being responsible and actually helping him out XD.

Well so that's Yukari's specialty huh! and finally Sona makes an appearance! Really liked all the interactions Kenshin has with each of the girls.

Loved that Cut to Akeno there hehe~

Well looks like the games have began! Phew good thing Kenshin stopped Issei when he did and saved Gabriel!

Now onto the next chapter!

As always keep up the hard work! Really love the story!
7/2/2017 c73 Imperial-samaB
Sounds like you're up to some fun as usual
6/24/2017 c17 Sizzin
Did the time limit for Issei to be out of Kenshin's body increase? Tannin said Issei managed to go a full day against him.


On a side note, at first, I was kinda sorry for Issei being trapped without a body and wanted for him to have some happinness. But now I just wish he was still locked inside Kenshin's body. Even Kuroka will fall for him? Surely it will be because he was the first guy to ever touch her boobs... I mean, Kenshin already has plenty of girls, yeah. I just never understood why, if the fic-protagonist is in a romance with one or more girls, the canon protagonist has to as well. This happens a lot in fanfics.

What irks me in the DxD fandom is that the reason for Issei's harem, when he's not the main protagonist, is always without good reason. Because, if you think about it, the main protagonist of the fanfic, be it an OC or from a x-over, is always a much better guy than Issei, who's always depicted as a hopeless pervert with little to no redeeming features, but still, there's always girls of really strong character who end up falling for him, even after interacting with the protagonist. Which completely lacks common sense.

What I want to say is, there are plenty of Issei fanfic out there, leave his harem to these fics. If you feel sorry for him, it's ok for him to have some girls. Just let him get laid offscreen, everyone gets happy while we can still focus on the protagonist's relationships.

Don't get me wrong though, I love the Issei protagonist, I read the novels, I like how he grows from a weak perverted teen to a strong, while still perverted, and respected devil.

This was just a random rant caused by pent-up stress, pay no mind to it.
6/22/2017 c14 Sizzin
This doesn't matter now, since it's already done. But if I had read your Negi fic before this one, and you said you were going to pair Yukari, Miyuki or Hikari(?) with another guy in here, I'd be pretty pissed and most likely would stop reading the story.

And though I had not yet read it, I know their past relationship so it would still leave a very bitter taste in my mouth.

In real life, changing partners couldn't be more common nowadays, but in fiction it just feels wrong to me.
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