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6/13/2020 c107 AdrianLee28
6/10/2020 c107 33Imperial-samaB
Well done my friend. Can't wait for the next one
6/5/2020 c106 Imperial-samaB
You've done well my friend. I'm fighting the essential fight 've done great and it's nice to see how this has evolved
6/5/2020 c106 AdrianLee28
Nice thank you for another great chapter
5/4/2020 c105 GrandTea
5/3/2020 c105 Imperial-samaB
Excellent work
3/28/2020 c104 Imperial-samaB
What a chapter. So many fights and all going so well. Let's see what you do for the next ones
3/11/2020 c1 17Jaybird9x
Holy...Jesus Christ this is a 1,359,000 word story...

Ok jay. Take deep breaths. You’ve got this.

I shall finish this story! Mark my words!
3/1/2020 c2 Flaminfiend
Honestly I'm very confused i figured kenshin would be a badass warrior.I mean he has been fighting for years apparently and he killed a false god and demon lord, so he is a veteran at this point most these opponents should be small potatoes. Instead he just keeps getting his ass handed to him. Where did all his skill go I know he lost so abilities but what about his skill with his sword? Because if you told me he was new to fighting I would believe it. Also doesn't he have experience with multiple women why dose he keep acting like a virgin around Rias?
2/26/2020 c103 33Imperial-samaB
Wonderful chapter old friend
10/20/2019 c102 Imperial-samaB
Stay strong my friend
10/9/2019 c69 SomeDudeThatReads
I am absolutely in love with this story. I've got only one problem with, and that's more of a problem because of it rather than the story itself. That being that when I catch up I'll have to go searching for DxD stories that at least try to reach a similar quality to this story.

Unrelated to that I'm going to be a little disappointed, not really, if when this story ends their isn't an epilogue chapter. Like a where they are now, or a meet the kids kind of chapter.
10/5/2019 c48 SomeDudeThatReads
God this chapter was absolutley amazing. Hurt much more than I expected. I honestly might need to get around to actually reading/watching Highschool DxD. Read a lot of stories about, like a lot, but never really wanted to actually watch it.
9/19/2019 c41 zhaodingman18
Well at least now I know why Kenshin seemed like an idiot and out of character this chapter. Thanks for clearing that up at the end of the chapter.
9/17/2019 c34 zhaodingman18
So glad to have this arc done now so I can get back to the actually good arcs. What a shame that Hottan died in such a pathetic way.
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