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7/13 c3 3GoldenMouse7
Love the kings nature concept. Also think you did an awesome job fulfilling the giant dragonite scene! Everything i wanted all those years ago. Cant wait to see squirtles reveal!
7/13 c13 Herbsti
Wow respect for continuing a story after seven years and so much happening in your life. Its an amazing story and i am looking forward to what you have in store.
7/12 c15 Gamerlover
Amazing chapter, i loved your rendition of koga. Im disappointed that ash isnt the one that ended up with the future tyranitar but you cant have em all (even with dat infinite carry limit)
7/10 c1 Bauxite Glue
Came across this, and the writing and story is pretty good. Growlithe is a fine choice for a starter, Arcanine is always a pick whenever I play pokemon if it has it. A large Pidgeotto, that's a titan there.
7/12 c15 ThunderBasilisk
Honestly a fantastic chapter. Absolutely loved everything in it especially the training and the battle
7/9 c2 GoldenMouse7
Dude 2 chapters in and im already favoriting absolutely loved the clefairy scene. Totally dug the explanation behind pidgeotto learning twister. Looking forward to more. Fantastic so far!
7/7 c15 Haziq Saffari
So when the time comes about the outcome of what will happen with Mewtwo will fall to Ash? Talk about life making decisions, hope Ash can handle it when the time comes. On a lighter note, Austin calling his Pupitar "Poopytard" made me LOL, guess both friends will eventually gain their own Pseudo-Legendary. Glad Koga is a cool guy after all, the King Muk was a surprise.

Do all the Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champion knows of Ash's status as the Chosen One?
7/8 c15 thor94
really good chapter and gym battle.
And we know from previous chapters that mewtwo is seeking for his destined one who is likely ash.
can't wait next update, this time i hope you plan ash finally meet scyther and gyarados.
7/8 c15 TheSummerSet
I can definitely feel the joy you have when writing this fic. Fantastic work, i wish you all the best
7/8 c15 UltimateCCC
Eevee a masochist?!
7/6 c13 Guest
Andrew's team must have strong demolition power to be able to raze the Game Corner and all the Rockets down. I know he has a Dragonite seeing he caught a Dratini eight years prior the current timeline, along with JR Tanner.
7/7 c2 12Alec McDowell
Great first couple of chapters here! Ash is building a fun team so far for sure. The Mt Moon part was super interesting too- I believe Growlithe smelled the fossils and an Absol, maybe a Bronzong? But what was the dark and scary thing he noticed? Bulbapedia doesn't show anything from the games/manga is this something you plan on coming back to later on?
7/7 c15 King Of Games420
This has been a great read. I can’t wait to see what happens next chapter.
7/7 c15 4LordTicky
Read the previous two chapters after getting through a huge backlog of updates, and now this one as well! Words honestly can't describe how excited I am that you're back and writing. Essence is my favorite Pokemon story, and I am BEYOND excited to see it continuing! Loved the battle between Ash and Koga, especially when Koga brought out his Muk! I just liked how you brought out another Pokemon with the king's nature. Looking forward to future updates, especially when Ash attempts to win over his Gyarados!
7/7 c15 AlexJMP
Absolutely brilliant, such an engaging story. Detailed and enthralling. Can't wait to see what comes next
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