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11/18/2018 c1 28MerciaLachesis
this has to be like my tenth time reading this fic (i usually read it on ao3 tho) but can i just say this is my comfort fic. seriously. never fails to make me feel better. idk why. thank you for writing.
7/28/2015 c1 5electrictwizist
First, I would just like to iterate that none of this was the least bit okay to me. Whether I mean emotionally, physically, spiritually? Romantically? I honestly I have no idea. This entire project is just too awesome. I just ship it too hard and too thoroughly and it's becoming a huge problem in my life. With that in mind, the review.

This thing feeds so many of my Leah things I don't even know where to begin. My Steve is the best boyfriend thing. My Steve should date a theatre girl thing (this is hitting my Steve/Rachel Berry thing like WOAH). My Peggy/Angie thing that only exists because I've seen photosets of them looking at each other AND THIS STORY. Like, I still need to watch more than one episode of Agent Carter but apparently it doesn't matter? Because this story is so great at all the things that I just want to reread this over and over? Like?

The entire translation into this universe is just so great and I agree with all of it. Peggy's entire experience with SHIELD... damn. Angie working at L&L and these three nerds falling into each other. I just can't wait for these nerds to get together! I just!

(This isn't the least bit coherent or constructive. JUST ACCEPT MY RELENTLESS UNABASHED DELIGHTFUL PRAISE. COOL? COOL.)

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