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for The Shadow of Angmar

6/21 c37 1Mangekyo rinnegan BB7
Nice story. It is truly astonishing how you introduced Harry to this world, I loved the story.
The only think that I didn't like that much is the balrog making Harry his bitch twice, give him a break. That was pitiful indeed.
6/6 c34 1TheBluePilgrim
It is sad to hear about Saruman's continued search for the Ring. I had hoped that the mark Harry left upon him would mean he did not lose himself in the power of the Enemy. But his obfuscations about Dol Guldur indicate that he is trying to delay driving Sauron from there.
6/2 c37 Breitel
5/31 c37 overtheskysiyeon
This story is so so great! Thanks for writing it! I'm enjoying it so much. Hope to see another update or two eventually :D
5/25 c37 follower
I'll wait forever if needs to for the next chapter. This is pure gold
5/24 c1 2SPJaymo117
Amazing story
5/22 c37 flashversespeedster
will this be updated at all or is it dead
5/16 c37 Tritio
Thank you for writing this beautiful story and for sharing it with us!
5/2 c37 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!
4/30 c36 Jim
Always loved this story and really anticipate the future chapters. Always a pleasure reading your story.
4/27 c25 Kamille
I kid you not, I was bouncing up and down with joy at the end! The patronus is no doubt the first spell he'd cast. Very beautiful and triumphant moment, well worth everything leading up to it.
4/27 c24 Kamille
That. Was. Awesome! Seriously, well worth the wait.
4/27 c37 cgw1500
I'm gonna have to re read this
4/27 c20 Kamille
That was an excellent way to build tension! I was on the edge of my seat!

Also, this slow pace is torture! Every chapter I hope he gets his wand. But its such a good read, I can't help but enjoy every second of it! (Maybe this is turning me into a masochist... Lol)
4/22 c37 Jens Vestergaard
Hi there! Love your story! It's an awesome concept and it's amazing how you make it actually feel like lotr. In my opinion at least, and a few others i know.
This is my second time reading this story and i truly hope you find the time and motivation to keep it going, cause i need more of it! No pressure :P
I never write rewievs, as you can probably tell i suck at it, but i had to tell you i love your story and i hope you continue :)
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