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4h c36 ffntfy456
Galadriel is comparing Harry, even incidentally, to Feanor? That's impressive.

You write quiet chapters like this are just as well as the adventurous ones.
5/6 c36 183Virodeil
Thank you for not killing Daewen! I know war spares nobody, but... well... I share Harry's sentiment, okay? :P
It's interesting, how apparition doesn't work on Middle-earth. Is it because the Hallows' magic battling with that of the Powers here? I am eager to find out... with a healthy amount of trepidation sprinkled in evenly.
Thank you for writing and posting this, regardless. I have been looking forward to this. I know you posted In Bad Faith, but... well... me and outright romance... :shrug:
I hope that you stay safe and well, and that your muse is always kind to you. :)
5/6 c35 Virodeil
Ooh, I missed this! Truth be told, I flinched when so many people I knew well were hewn down before my eyes, or so it felt, but you were true to the bloodiness of the Battle before the Gate, despite the different players. What'll be with Durin's line with Thorin's and Dain's death, then? I am anxious to know Daewen's fate, as well...
I wondered about the Balrog's speech, but IMO you did the right thing. The Balrog wouldn't want to use Sauron's speech, being of the same order. I didn't know there's Melkian, though, though it's never developed. I guess, even this far, there are still titbits of Tolkien lore I can learn about! Kudos to you! :) For venturing into writing Quenya as well!
5/4 c36 1Golshad
Thanks for updating
5/4 c36 dsty292
A very lovely chapter as always. Thank you for writing.
5/4 c36 DaoGodPrimus
well everyone has different suggestions for you none of which you are obligated to answer though I do wonder is there any romance in this story? personally I think Arwen would be great for Harry but you may write it as you wish nice chapter
5/2 c36 Chaosredshift
Was honestly looking forward to seeing that darkness weaponized in a moment of rage, consequences be damned. Gandalf eyeballing him afterwards. Definitely hoped for more exotic combat against the balrog where he takes magic he grew up on, and tries building on it with inspiration in setting, rather than just trying local casting methods. He has the advantage of being able to hybrid.
5/1 c35 4The Rabbit God
I won't lie, this was my favourite fic that I'm currently reading. Your story is certainly the best in this fandom, but this chapter was not what I was expecting. Harry has had literal centuries to come up with a plan to kill the balrog, yet things went to shit so fast. Thorin and Dain are both dead, what happens to the House of Durin now? Geez I feel so blindsided...
4/30 c36 animusand
Will Gandalf fall to fire and shadow? I am looking forward to the next chapter.
4/30 c35 animusand
Ooo, malicious grace instead of pure brutality.
4/29 c36 major wallace
awesome work
4/29 c36 H4v1k
Its as if no one here has any idea about Tolkien's universe, or the strength of creatures therein. Who cares if harry is 800 years old now, the Balrog is far more ancient and powerful being a literal fallen angel that was around when the world was created, most if not all the potter verse has nothing on it. Or other reviews saying 'well look at Gandalf kicking ass despite being an old man' which I cannot tell if said review was posted as satire, because Gandalf is also a literal god damn angel equivalent from the beginning of the universe. Or people wanting Harry to go back to the fight despite being an overall negative contribution that got more people killed than he helped. I guess the main point I want to get at Steelbadger if you read these reviews is ignore people who clearly have no idea what they are talking about, and do not let it get to you. Harry is an interesting character with far more impressive world implications with his actions so far in reversing the diminishing of the world, and his overall character arc in finding his place in Arda.
4/28 c36 NoNameAnon
Man, I got to say - author cant write a convincing 800 year old Harry at all.

If I ignore this bit and assume he's like 40, it works better.


On the subject of apparition.
Galadriel being familiar with the 'shadow' feels like a clue.
But Melkor is not just stuck in the Void, the Void is located outside the Walls of Arda. Which is a fuck powerful barrier set up by Eru to separate material world from nothingness. There's only a single gate in the walls, and aint no way Harry would be able to bypass it with regular apparition.
So I doubt it was Melkor.
Sauron or someone like that is another possibility if apparition forces the user to travel through the wraith world (the layer where specters like nazgul exist and where the Ring shifts the user to).
Could have even been the spirit of slain Balrog actually.
As a maia he would just float around in there like the rest of them, hateful but powerless.
4/28 c36 2StormLord654
I'm looking forward to the next chapter
admittedly, I'm a bit disappointed that Harry left the fight. I was expecting him to apparate back the moment he left Daewen in capable hands
thank you for writing
4/28 c36 RyTheGuy
Tbh this story annoys me. The author is clearly talented, but for some reason an 800 year old harry is still pathetic and i cannot understand it. He is just as angsty as he was 15 chapters ago and slightly more powerful despite 800 years of progress. Dumbledore was like 150 and could still kick his ass.
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