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for The Shadow of Angmar

15h c33 Guest
I feel like there should be a chapter in between 33 and 34 what am I missing? Really ending your book so far, thanks for writing!
17h c34 M
Really love your fic! Your attention to detail is astonishing :)
1/22 c34 3WoomyWobble
Dude. Nice. May this story update many times yet.
1/21 c34 0richierich0
I'm so glad to see another chapter up. You weave your own story so well into Tolkien's tapestry, and I enjoy straining my limited knowledge to understand how this is affecting the original time line. I can't pick out anything of course, but it's fun trying. It's fun to read of Harry's adventures, too. I love how you have carefully built him up over centuries until now he's on a first name basis with many of the land's living legends. And yet still a humble man. He would be so lonely if it weren't for the elves. Thanks so much for this update!
1/21 c11 Freduardo
Those moments of introspective calm for Harry are my favourite part. Awesome chapter
1/21 c34 Nadoxx
Very enjoyable story!
1/19 c34 1atchoum35
Very good story. Thanks. I have a question. In you re story harry will use parlsemouth or not? This can be a very useful skill for him. Thanks and continue
1/17 c34 Moilanen
Fantastic chapter!
1/16 c34 primus101
I really want to see the reactions of Celeborn, Galadriel, and Elrond to the tree Harry grew in Gundabad. Also, am I the only one who wants to see Harry and Daewen eventually get together? Because I really do! Keep up the phenomenal work!
1/12 c34 Sam est classe
Thank you for the chapters ! I was in hiatus-reading because I wanted to have a few chapters to read, and I really like this arc too. I'm glad we're back in Harry pov (I had stopped at the time skip), and I love this Saruman-Harry friendship (mentorship ?). I'm rereading the Lord of the Rings, and I'm kinda totally impressed by all you know about Tolkien's world. And how you managed a good crossover. I love crossovers with Harry but magic is such a cheat code it's difficult to not do a "fix it/look how awesome wizards are".
Anyway, thanks again for the story, and a happy new year to you.
1/10 c34 D
It has been a while since i last read about it, but i think i remember seeing that Celeborn was one of the few who could have contended with a balrog? Not as 'easily' as one of the ishtari or another of the old elf heroes but still. Eh probably misremembering anyway.

In any case lets hope it goes better this time for all of them, heavens from a certain point of view i almost pity the poor shadow as this starts to resemble a classical mmo party. You have the tank Celebron, the dps Gandalf and the healer/buffer in Harry.

Jokes aside happy 21 and thanks for the update!
1/9 c16 Guest
I get that he couldn't have known it was a Balrog, but he's told it's something worse than a dragon, right? So why does he rush in with only stink bombs for combat when he can't use magic? Hello?
1/5 c34 aesir21
More aliens for the upcoming battle will be welcomed and wasn’t it Celeborn who slayer balrock before so it would be helpful.
1/5 c2 bonkxd
he doesn't need want to use magic wizard are just too lazy to learn wandless magic
1/4 c34 Guest
This story is absolutely awesome! You have a gift for writing powerful scenes. I must have reread the planting of the new white tree a dozen times. It that why Harry had his far seeing episode? Did growing the tree cause his power to grow? I really want to see some of Gandalf's and Celeborn's thoughts on it and then them actually seeing the tree and still getting blindsided. Please please update soon!
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